Robot / Human Hybrids : A Bad Idea

So we already have over 6 billion people causing problems on the planet. Things are a mess already. Traffic. Race relations. Debt. War. Strife. Corruption. Now, a leading expert on sexbots is predicting that nano skin grafts will be turned into sperms and embyos, leading to human/ robot hybrids. This is too big a can of worms, and should not be pursued. Another potential problem is that with the ability to make babies from a skin sample, people like celebs or people getting stalked may find their DNA used to create babies without their knowledge or permission in the future.

The world is already a confusing and over-crowded enough of a place. Loyalty to the family, or to the nation is already torn apart by broken families, and multiple allegiances. Faith is already a Scarlet Letter many have to wear. Introducing robot ‘baby daddies’ and robot ‘baby mommas’, with cute little hybrid babies is a really bad idea. It will turn into a phenomenon, due to herd mentality, and everyone will want one (or more). The hybrid babies will come to be discriminated against and resented by society. They will never have a place in the world.

Smart Condoms: Pros and Cons

 Photo from Southwest News Service

Smart condoms have hit the market:

Smart condom i-Con will rate your sexual performance including ‘speed of thrusts’ and ‘girth measurements’

They measure your thrusts, girth, and calories burnt. Plus, they help detect some STD’s. This is all done through nanotech technology, which relays information from the condom to an app on your smartphone.

-Handy to have a rough idea of how many calories he is burning while having sex.
-Important to be able to detect STD’s.
-Able to compare performances and work towards goals using statistics.

-Ruin the mood possibly by fiddling with phone apps.
-Insecure men who cum too quick or don’t have girth could wind up embarrassed.
-Paying too much attention to statistics in bed might take the focus off of her pleasure by attempting to quantify things too much, rather than getting in tune to what pleasures her.
-Possibly too expensive for some and could become one more things guys have to spend money on their gf or date.

While it is possible that the negatives could outweigh the positives for some, this product could be a useful tool in terms of fighting STD’s and perhaps to help men keep in shape.