Smart Condoms: Pros and Cons

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Smart condoms have hit the market:

Smart condom i-Con will rate your sexual performance including ‘speed of thrusts’ and ‘girth measurements’

They measure your thrusts, girth, and calories burnt. Plus, they help detect some STD’s. This is all done through nanotech technology, which relays information from the condom to an app on your smartphone.

-Handy to have a rough idea of how many calories he is burning while having sex.
-Important to be able to detect STD’s.
-Able to compare performances and work towards goals using statistics.

-Ruin the mood possibly by fiddling with phone apps.
-Insecure men who cum too quick or don’t have girth could wind up embarrassed.
-Paying too much attention to statistics in bed might take the focus off of her pleasure by attempting to quantify things too much, rather than getting in tune to what pleasures her.
-Possibly too expensive for some and could become one more things guys have to spend money on their gf or date.

While it is possible that the negatives could outweigh the positives for some, this product could be a useful tool in terms of fighting STD’s and perhaps to help men keep in shape.

Experts Wrong About Sexbot Supremacy

Here is an expert who says sexbots will be supreme to humans sexually:

My take is that that would be an incorrect assumption. It is true that robots have beaten humans in many intellectual endeavors such as chess. And depending if you count machines as robots, then there are many physical tasks which they better humans at. But when you are talking about sex you are talking about a sensual (touch) and mental connection as well. Sensitivity, intuition, even impulsiveness are all facets in which a human will excel beyond the capability of any machine.

How about the classic example of angry sex, revenge sex, make-up sex etc. ?? Women dig that stuff and no bot will provide that catharsis. A robot will obviously be a good sub for bdsm, since its presumably built to obey orders. But people will not get the same thrill out of whipping or paddling a sexbot as they would out a a fine -ass momma human woman. Also lets take a look at other things that were computerized, like EDM (techno). Despite its popularity, techno has caused music to lose its human touch. Which is ironic since the song lyrics tend to be somewhat emotional and “E”-inspired. Or take a look at fake limbs ( like a pump up dick surgery so one’s cock stays hard all the time). I don’t believe the average woman wants that. And while I do recognize that a legit. counterargument can be made for instance the Aussie gold medal winning runner who had robotic legs- its the human element which is attached to the robotic part which provides the emotional drive which makes the physical feat at hand possible.

There are other obvious advantages a sexbot has over a human sexually – in terms of endurance, thrust strength , not getting sore, and more. The idea they would be more hygienic in terms of them staying free of stds would depend whether they are cleaned/shared and remains uncertain in its implications. A sexbot will not be able to provide the same level of mental emotion , sensuality, kinesiology, nor the same level of satisfaction from having connected with that a human will have. I also fear that they could break down and parts could be expensive. And I could see them getting computer viruses and going haywire, or having the government use sexbots to spy on people (along the lines of what Snowden talks about). The average sexbot may offer advantages over the average human. But the truth is that you can’t keep a good man down.

Steve C.

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