Trump Held the Bible Upside Down on Purpose

People criticized the President for having held the Bible upside down for a photo-op. Do not underestimate Trump. He does not do things by accident.

Possible motives:

The nation has grown to be too fundamentalist, with rigorous standards of dress and behavior, which ultimately undermine personal liberty. Thus, holding the Bible upside down was therefor a symbolic gesture to religious leaders and a cryptic warning. Ok, ya, he is a Freemason, and he is right.

Another possibility, along similar lines, is that he has a job to do, which is to protect the American people. So yet another implication is that it is necessary for the nation to set aside complacency regarding the status quo and be ready to stop being “so nice”. After all, it is nice to love your neighbor and so forth (by in large the US loves its neighboring countries), but when you consider the aggressive policies of not so neighborly China and Iran (not to mention NK), there comes a time to set aside the current complacency and non-resolve.

In short, Trump wants people to challenge the current state of things.

He is showing that people need to be less complacent and more willing to accept change. The Constitution is based Biblical principles. Sometimes it must all be turned upside down, in order for realist pragmatic action/thought. Everything is a yin-yang. Trump is trying to balance things. His job is difficult.

Things have to be balanced mentally before they can be balanced physically – most of the time. There is a balance of power in the world. For too many years the US tried to “make friends” with our enemies, while over trusting their motives. I blame the elites for this as NAFTA was stupid, and the non-industrial/non-farm elites were financially motivated to pass NAFTA /GATT and to grant most favored nation’s status to China (and let them into the WTO). So the first thing is to get our heads on straight as a public before we do anything aggressive internationally. Vietnam taught us that any major engagement necessitates correlation between the public opinion (Lippman) and the military, though the military shouldn’t be doing long engagements anyways…

Enough leaders hold the Bible up the right way already. Trump has been willing to make great personal sacrifice to lead us. And he has offered himself up as a scapegoat in order to allow people to vent. Noted is that he sacrificed his own personal security to do so, such as the assassination attempt during his initial run.

That is the weirdest thing. That Trump has offered himself up as a scapegoat – think of the Christian parallels. Yet at the same time, he is telling the country to not be altruistic scapegoats, nor complacent fatcats. Instead, rather he wants the public to reevaluate their thoughts on the balance of power, including Love Thy Neighbor. How far across an Ocean can a nation be, and still be considered our neighbor or even strategically vital? Not very far, I’m afraid. And it doesn’t really pay that well to be hegemon. OK, ya it doe$.

I did a lot of bad stuff with Bibles for work when I worked in pornography. Ultimately I understand all too well. Respect your Bible. But do what you have to do. Jesus didn’t go to church anyways, though he went to the Jewish Temple for some of his early years.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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