GGF picks for Thanksgiving 2016

Only betting races 2 through 6. Do not like the other races.

Race 2- Siberian Olympiad
Morning odds are 6-1
Betting win/place/show
Has 2 wins in 4 races this year.

Race 3 – Count on Me
Morning line odds 5-2
Am betting win/place/show

Race 4 – Giannonatti
Betting win/place
This horse is always in the money.

Race 5- Triple Drama
Betting win/place

Race 6- Admiral Boom
Tends to win sprints.

We are hot lately at the track and are up $500 since having started betting again 2 weeks ago. Had a large payout on a personal favorite named Ted Oliver recently, among others. We look for horses that can realistically win, yet have good payout.

Topic: Horseracing Deaths



The local governments make a lot of $ off of horseracing , and I think they should step up to the plate and help with the horse’s retirements and medical. Horseracing is a beautiful sport. One of the only sports without a bunch of referee interference and only of the only sports men and women both compete in. Some things like running them too often or whipping them too often/hard should be studied and fixed possibly. I think the animal rights people should put their money where their mouth is and maybe just buy the horses in the claim races and retire them if they feel strongly.

Another idea would be for the animal rights people to buy the horses themselves and run them for charitable casues, have the profits go to fund animal rights groups etc. Leftists tend to want to dictate to everyone else what everyone else should do . Its a free market though is the thing they can’t deal with. If they cared so much about horses then people like Soros could easily buy most of them up and retire them or whatnot. Seems like an easy thing to do – to sit around and complain and feel morally superior. People get injured and sometimes die in sports too . Should NFL be cancelled also?

I worked in an industry that was dangerous and where I was treated not well ( porn) . Yet, I believe in the free market. So I wouldn’t sit back and say it should be shut down/regulated to death. I tried to start my own where i treated people decent. Then I simply found another industry to work in.

The critics could start their own league called ‘ humane horse racing ‘ for instance . Leftists never do that . They never open up their own business to compete . I think that’s why its hard to take them seriously.

That said, probably a percentage of winnings should be automatically set aside for retirement etc . Maybe this occurs already. Am not an expert. These are just ideas.

The free market has the answers to this, but only if people really step up to the plate.

Paul Newman: The Dystopian


Are you sick of the current run of dystopian science-fiction films such as “The Hunger Games” and “The Maze Runner” series? Would you like to see an entry in the genre that’s actually good? Check out Robert Altman’s “Quintet,” a flop from 1979 that does the whole dystopian future thing as well as any film besides “Blade Runner.” The film takes place in a distant future where the planet (maybe Earth, maybe not) is freezing over and Paul Newman and his pregnant wife are wandering through the ice and the ruins of a city. Soon they encounter civilization and Newman’s brother. After a violent incident, Newman ends up taking his brother’s identity and investigating and infiltrating a strange board game that everyone is obsessed with called Quintet. It involves five players and the roll of a dice. Everyone is obsessed with this game and people are dying, and Newman wants to know why. Eventually he finds out, after much bloodshed.

There are a few things that make this movie awesome. First, as I said, the depiction of the future is really interesting and cool. It’s super bleak. Secondly, although it’s not explained in that much detail, the board game Quintet is rather fascinating. The third impressive argument in the film’s favor is the performance of Paul Newman. He does the strong, silent hero thing better than anyone. and he gives us a reason to care about this film. Between this flick and the also underrated “Fort Apache, The Bronx” he shows that he is a really tough, manly guy. He’s sensitive when appropriate but mean and courageous when necessary. In short, Paul Newman is the man, and “Quintet” is a must-see if you can find it. You’ll never look at board games the same way again! –CoolAC

Arrival: Giger meets Kubrick

arrival-2016-film-trailerAliens in cinema have been pretty standard the last couple of years; they invade, we respond, there’s a battle, patriotic music swells, audience falls asleep. “Arrival” sort of belongs to the Hollywood template, but it is also excitingly different. Amy Adams plays a linguist who is brought in by the government to translate alien communication from one of about a dozen UFO’s that have landed around the world. Together with a theoretical physicist played by Jeremy Renner, she must figure out what the aliens want before time runs out and we attack them in fear. The film is interesting because it shows how we might realistically respond to an alien visit, and also the process involved in trying to communicate with them. It takes “Close Encounters” to the next level. Also, the design of the aliens, which I won’t reveal here, is quite fascinating and different from what we normally get. A twist ending also makes things very interesting and makes the film a good one for repeat viewing. On the minus side, the film is slow-paced and sappy at times, and Forest Whitaker is woefully underused. Overall, however, “Arrival” is very cool and highly recommended. It’ll make you rethink your stance on ET’s.

Smith & Wesson’s DUMB Name Change


Smith and Wesson group is changing their historic name, which was named after its founders, to American Outdoors Brands. I think they were expecting a Clinton presidential victory. Hilary was planning to crack down on assault weapons; whereas Trump is down with guns. The stock is down 13 percent today. Its a fucking lame name, that sounds gimpy and sub K-mart. It is my hope that shareholders are able to vote down this new name, as well as fire the CEO for pulling stupid unexpected surprises on an otherwise strongly performing company. Their CEO deserves to be water-boarded and kicked in the nuts repeatedly for cow-towing to the left and trying to distance his company’s image from its core purpose – which is guns. Trump is now president and our country (thankfully) has its balls back again. Those who act ball-less will now be kicked in the balls repeatedly (figuratively speaking) as a test , and those who fail will be discarded into the dustbin of history.



“Mind’s Eye” is Mind-Blowing


Wanting some new “Scanners” action and bummed out that David Cronenberg is making art-house films? Welcome to “The Mind’s Eye,” the best “Scanners” film that isn’t a “Scanners” film. The movie is a low-budget indie riff on “Scanners,” using a very similar plot, mostly unknown actors, a Tangerine Dream-like score, and a wonderful array of non-stop practical effects. Some will cry foul that it is too similar to “Scanners” but I think it’s groovy. It is so cheesy yet cool that I can’t find fault with it.

The high point, for me, is the cameo by Larry Fessenden, the director of such cult classics as “Habit” and “Wendigo.” He has been producing and directing fsome of the best indie horror films of the last 17 years, and in this movie and “You’re Next” he is proving himself a capable supporting actor. Films like “We are Still Here,” “Stakeland,” and this one have an ingenuity that is lacking in Hollywood films. Whereas a Hollywood film would just plaster on millions of dollars of bad CGI, this one gives us old-fashioned head explosions.

Hollywood, stop making fantasy crap and give us real films like this! I would much rather watch a film about mind control and government agencies done with spirit and on the cheap than one second of “X-Men Apocalypse.” Larry Fessenden is a way better actor than James McAvoy in my opinion. In short, “The Mind’s Eye” is a can’t miss for those of us who dig B-movies and “Scanners.” It puts the fun back in sci-fi horror. –CoolAC


Seagal Becomes Russian

Evidence is pouring in that real men are leaving the country. Fed up with Dem. corruption and sick of a country whose soul is rotting – Steven Seagal has chosen to spend a lot of time in Russia. He has just received Russian citizenship from Putin. Roy Jones Jr. also received Russian citizenship a year or two ago. Real men don’t want to live in an oversensitive PC nation such as the US. Great nations require initiative- taking, results-oriented leaders.  Profiteering liberal windbags are unnecessary. Its too bad we are losing pugilists instead of crooked libs.