Smith & Wesson’s DUMB Name Change


Smith and Wesson group is changing their historic name, which was named after its founders, to American Outdoors Brands. I think they were expecting a Clinton presidential victory. Hilary was planning to crack down on assault weapons; whereas Trump is down with guns. The stock is down 13 percent today. Its a fucking lame name, that sounds gimpy and sub K-mart. It is my hope that shareholders are able to vote down this new name, as well as fire the CEO for pulling stupid unexpected surprises on an otherwise strongly performing company. Their CEO deserves to be water-boarded and kicked in the nuts repeatedly for cow-towing to the left and trying to distance his company’s image from its core purpose – which is guns. Trump is now president and our country (thankfully) has its balls back again. Those who act ball-less will now be kicked in the balls repeatedly (figuratively speaking) as a test , and those who fail will be discarded into the dustbin of history.