Topic: Horseracing Deaths



The local governments make a lot of $ off of horseracing , and I think they should step up to the plate and help with the horse’s retirements and medical. Horseracing is a beautiful sport. One of the only sports without a bunch of referee interference and only of the only sports men and women both compete in. Some things like running them too often or whipping them too often/hard should be studied and fixed possibly. I think the animal rights people should put their money where their mouth is and maybe just buy the horses in the claim races and retire them if they feel strongly.

Another idea would be for the animal rights people to buy the horses themselves and run them for charitable casues, have the profits go to fund animal rights groups etc. Leftists tend to want to dictate to everyone else what everyone else should do . Its a free market though is the thing they can’t deal with. If they cared so much about horses then people like Soros could easily buy most of them up and retire them or whatnot. Seems like an easy thing to do – to sit around and complain and feel morally superior. People get injured and sometimes die in sports too . Should NFL be cancelled also?

I worked in an industry that was dangerous and where I was treated not well ( porn) . Yet, I believe in the free market. So I wouldn’t sit back and say it should be shut down/regulated to death. I tried to start my own where i treated people decent. Then I simply found another industry to work in.

The critics could start their own league called ‘ humane horse racing ‘ for instance . Leftists never do that . They never open up their own business to compete . I think that’s why its hard to take them seriously.

That said, probably a percentage of winnings should be automatically set aside for retirement etc . Maybe this occurs already. Am not an expert. These are just ideas.

The free market has the answers to this, but only if people really step up to the plate.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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