Robot / Human Hybrids : A Bad Idea

So we already have over 6 billion people causing problems on the planet. Things are a mess already. Traffic. Race relations. Debt. War. Strife. Corruption. Now, a leading expert on sexbots is predicting that nano skin grafts will be turned into sperms and embyos, leading to human/ robot hybrids. This is too big a can of worms, and should not be pursued. Another potential problem is that with the ability to make babies from a skin sample, people like celebs or people getting stalked may find their DNA used to create babies without their knowledge or permission in the future.

The world is already a confusing and over-crowded enough of a place. Loyalty to the family, or to the nation is already torn apart by broken families, and multiple allegiances. Faith is already a Scarlet Letter many have to wear. Introducing robot ‘baby daddies’ and robot ‘baby mommas’, with cute little hybrid babies is a really bad idea. It will turn into a phenomenon, due to herd mentality, and everyone will want one (or more). The hybrid babies will come to be discriminated against and resented by society. They will never have a place in the world.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!