Brain : A Solid Medical Thriller

I recently read an old medical (novel) thriller called Brain, from the writer of Coma. The storyline is that young women are having manic episodes characterized by sexual and violent deviant behavior. The hero is a radiologist who discovers the hospital is working with the FBI and the CIA in a joint secret program, hoping to generate a scientific breakthrough. Basically, they are taking unsuspecting gynecology patients and when they display abnormalities on their pap-smears, “surprise!” They get their brain lobotomized for further tests. As if this plot isn’t sketchy enough, there is an eerie non-fiction post script by the author which denotes the real life cases of the government doing experiments on people without their knowledge.

-The author cities MK Ultra:  

-The author also references the tests of sterilization of retarded people back in the old days and such:

The author’s background as a radiologist lends a lot of credibility to the storytelling. Having worked in the medical field as a medical insurance biller, I recognized a lot of things about the workplace, as well as the terminology (based  on my experience). The fact that my father is a radiologist also made this book more readable for me.

(SPOILER) The main character lady winds up hooked up to a super-computer (at the hands of the scientists) and receives 100 orgasms simultaneously. Scientists wound up trying to replicate the human visual field via computer simulation, which if I wasn’t mistaken, there was something oddly similar in the news some 30 years later.

According to MIT, IBM was working on a computer which can replicate the human visual field:

Xerox is also working on making robots able to see and form their own opinons, using eye-tracking data, and working on programs to help them form opinions (sometimes based off of what they are seeing through their eyes/cameras:




Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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