Traffik: A Good Exploitation Flick

A little movie called “Traffik” slipped into movie theaters a few weeks ago. While not the greatest movie in the world, it’s a lot better than you would think. Based on true events involving sex trafficking in Northern California, the film is about a young black couple (played by Omar Epps and star Paula Patton) who pick the EXACT wrong place to go to for a romantic getaway. Although they were hoping to have fun and solidify their relationship, instead they end up in the middle of a gigantic conspiracy.

See the trailer here:

It doesn’t help that Epps’s brother and his fiancĂ© show up and have a fight with the local Hells Angels chapter. When Patton discovers that a young woman has slipped her a phone and possibly a password that gives her a gateway to evil, she decides to use her desire for justice as an excuse to do a lot of stupid horror movie things. Her boyfriend and his brother and his fiancĂ© are all even dumber, fighting and carrying on while death looms nearby.

The film is best viewed as a racially flipped “Deliverance” or “Straw Dogs,” where now black people have to face up to a white trash nightmare. In this case, the nightmare includes a motorcycle gang that answers to William Fichtner, a white trash, understaffed police department led by Missi Pyle, and a trafficking scheme too big for the movie to really deal with. If you’re looking for serious thriller about sex trafficking, “Traffik” fails because it just can’t be taken that seriously. If, on the other and, you want a rousing thriller where you can yell at the screen, “Traffik” delivers.

The actors are convincing, the pace is fast, and the film is exciting. As guilty pleasure thrillers go, this is a pretty good one. At bargain matinee prices, this is worth seeing! You just have to filter out those couple of BET video make out scenes though. But try out this bizarre mix of Sons of Anarchy, crossed with a BET video, and a touch of Chainsaw Massacre (at the wrong gas station in the wrong town). The bad guys are super eager to kill everyone, and this movie has a high body count. William Fichtner excels as the nemesis. He was also previously great in Drive Angry. This film is worth seeing for his performance alone.

Democrats Slip into Political Trap

Dems complaining about Cohen taking $ just opened a big can of worms for them. Where did they get Cohen’s bank info from – Mueller? Mueller was not supposed to even look at the evidence seized in Cohen’s office until special magistrate does first, therefor Mueller committed 2 crimes right there, and Avenetti at least 1 crime. Also, by complaining about Cohen using influence to gain $1.5 million or so , the left has foolishly walked into a trap , since this re-opens questions as to why the Clintons were able to reap hundreds of millions personally through their own foundation in pay to play schemes.

Also , the money Cohen took did not buy any influence, as evidenced by the failed AT&T merger, whereas with the Clintons it was just the opposite, going all the way back to Loral Space in the 90s elections, but continuing through Uranium One and many other schemes the Clintons did until they lost the presidential. I would add that many Swampers have been canned or retired disgracefully lately. Prosecutions following the IG report could very well be eminent. The right has simply waited for the left to ensnare themselves, and is preferring to counterpunch – Trump style (for the win).

Sexbots Need More Animatronics

The second generation of sexbots is soon approaching. A company in China is creating sex robots with some animatronics in the facial features. And their second batch will have arms that are robotic too. The problem is the body is still going to lie there like a dead fish. Whereas, most men want a woman who will also ride them on top etc. The price tag is not terrible, at roughly 3k British Pounds. I assume it is not completely finished or ready for sale yet, since she only has a bust at this point, but no arms or legs. She speaks only Mandarin at this point, which sucks. By using more animatronics, the sexbots will become increasing realistic in the future. Men also want their sexbot to strip and pole dance for them, as well as cook them a steak and get them a beer (plus clean the house too – and laundry). Using a Siri like type of AI is also on the horizon according the company execs. See the full story here:

How Trump Can Serve Three Terms

Prepare to get Machiavellian. Here is the ultimate foolproof impeachment defense to the Mueller witch-hunt:

1) Fire Mueller, Rosenstein, and Sessions
2) Announce that any impeachment proceedings would be met by temporarily resigning for Pence pardon (blanket alleviation of any criminal liability from witch hunt).
3) Announce that Trump’s first term will not count as a complete term, therefor Trump will run again and win, in both 2020 and 2024.

In short , due to the shenanigans of the left, Trump will basically be in office for three terms , more or less, instead of two.

Meanwhile, Pence will be the left’s worst nightmare for the next two and a half years, especially on social issues such as abortion. Trump can be brought back on as advisor to Pence immediately meanwhile, and be running the country , but without the official title or legal liability.

The Ethics of Children of the Mind

I recently finished reading the last book in the epic Ender’s Game sci-fi series. The plot involves an A.I. program (named Jane), which transports three alien races to colonize outside the galaxy. This is due to the fact that they are non-central ‘edge’ groups, according to the author Orson Scott Card, which seek to challenge human primacy. Meanwhile, the human race is ruling and xenophobic, solely determined to maintain control over everything. Jane loses her life force as she strives to save the alien races. Ender himself has died at this point in the series, but his descendants decide to use their equivalent of the Atom Bomb to attempt to decimate their challengers. A race ensues by the opposition to steal and disable that weapon. The characters engage in a great amount of philosophy throughout the story, as Japanese culture is again brought to the forefront.

It must be said that the story is very hard to follow. There are way too many characters, each of which sharing all their most inner thoughts, which also becomes a bit hard to follow. The plot , regarding moving entire colonies of aliens between galaxies, is awesome, yet hard to believe at the same time. Somehow I give the plot a pass, due to its creativity.

The author is mostly concerned with questions concerning military ethics, as well as with the concept of balance of power. Power politics and game theory seem to figure into his thinking. The idea of whether or not to use WMD pre-emptively, killing many now, for a quick and decisive victory, in order to prevent even more from being killed later (in an inevitable and prolonged war of attrition) is a constant theme in the series. The conflict between great powers, and second tier rising powers , is also constantly on display. Card posits that hegemons like the US were meant to rule. Second tier nations , wanna-be world powers , such as Japan should leave the colonizing to the US since the US is exceptional, in that we rule through spreading freedom and democracy, rather than through deifying military hierarchy, as the Shinto Japanese military did in WWII.

Cujo Score: Under-rated Classic

The score to Stephen King’s Cujo is an unusually complex masterpiece. The melodies are surprisingly optimistic and hopeful sounding for the most part, ironically. The strings and piano weave around each other playfully. Another thing I love about this score is that the dog attack scenes with the throbbing low bass swells are unusually listenable as a stand-alone.

I have the rare limited edition CD by Intrada. It is simply magnificent to listen to as I drive up 101 from the coast in the Springtime. Some of the piano work is just lovely, with some parts even sounding like the Simpsons theme song or something, but with feeling. There is a strong influence by Beethoven evident in the composer Berstein’s style, as he switches back and forth from major to minor key rapidly. I highly suggest adding the Intrada limited edition CD score of Cujo to your rare soundtrack collection.

Cinemax Classics Vol. 1

Remember the ’80’s? Well, whether you do or you’re too young to
care, it’s time to revisit the should’ve-been cult classic “Bright
Lights, Big City” from 1988. Based on a best-selling novel by Jay
McInerney that was written in the second person (As in: “You.. did
this …You woke up this morning, etc.”) the film was released to a
flurry of excitement, then forgotten about. Well, it’s been 30 years
since the release of the film, and it’s time to look back on this
unheralded gem.

The movie stars Michael J. Fox as Jamie Conway, a very smart and
likeable but very unhappy and hedonistic young man. He is an aspiring
writer who works as an editor and fact checker at a New Yorker type
magazine, He hates his job and his wife, a model played by Phoebe
Cates, has left him two months prior without explanation or
acknowledgement. The movie is about Fox’s attempts to keep his job
and sanity while constantly drinking, clubbing, and using cocaine. It
is a testament to the skill of Fox, author McInerny (who wrote the
screenplay), and director James Bridges (“The Paper Chase,” :The China
Syndrome”) that we never know how this struggle is going to turn out.

Fox’s performance is really amazing. Although considered
miscast at the time, his amazing, effortless charm makes his problems
with addiction, writer’s block, a tough, thankless job and not fitting
into the club scene of the ’80’s that much more poignant. Kiefer
Sutherland, as Fox’s rather amoral friend and drinking buddy, radiates
sleazy charm and amorality. Jason Robards has an unbilled role as a
writer gone to seed that is possibly his best screen performance.
Dianne Wiest is amazing in a one-scene cameo as Fox’s mother. Phoebe
Cates is not particularly memorable in her role, but her performance
is the only weak link in a cast that also includes Frances Sternhagen,
John Houseman, Swoozie Kurtz, Tracey Pollan, William Hickey, and
Charlie Schlatter.

The film captures the ambiance of the ’80’s club scene
really well. The music is by Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, and the
soundtrack features songs by New Order, Depeche Mode, and Prince,
among others. The movie makes the night life look stylish but never
fun, and so we understand Fox’s despair.

This was almost a really shitty movie. The studio wanted the
drug use cut from the film and they wanted a happy ending. They also
fired the first director after a week of shooting. Fortunately,
replacement director James Bridges knew how to make a realistic,
emotionally resonant movie, and the result is a film that stands the
test of time. Finally, the subplot/gag about the coma baby is
brilliant! “Bright Lights, Big City” is available on DVD and is highly

Angerot Album Excels

A recent underground death metal release by Angerot really excels, delivering solid retro 1990’s American blast beats, and classic overdriven Swedish styled 90s riffs. The songs do a great job of having momentum and build-ups. The overall timbre of the recording is analogue and warm sounding, with punchy snare hits, and cymbals which are mixed just right. The drums bring to mind classic death metal bands such as Fleshcrawl and early Hypocrisy. The drums are not triggered, which is a big plus. Meanwhile the guitars bring you a tone straight off of 1991 Earache cassette compilation, where the distortion is more trebly and brighter (Marshall-like) than the bands these days (Mesa-Boogie-like). The vocals are mid-range growls, appearing in all the right spots to add to the roller coaster of broken skulls along the way. However, the vocals are not as memorable.

Seal’s Albums Are Too Smoothe

Seal released his seventh album a year or two ago. I thought I would give it a chance, to see if pop still has anything to offer. His voice still sounds really great, ironically sounding like a black version of Huey Lewis. There is real passion in his voice (song 6, The Big Love Died, is the best track and it is a downer), which is unfortunately held back by the overly smooth pop music which backs him. There is too much major key synthesizer parts throughout. And the bass is not interesting enough, and sounds too programmed. One truly terrible song called ‘Life on the Dance Floor’ is entirely hard to relate to, and I wish had been cut out of the album. Overall, Seal still proves that his voice is better than other pop artists who have overshadowed him since the 90s, like Bieber and Swift etc.

The sincerity in Seal’s voice , as well as the smoothe mid range timbre of his voice , are his best qualities. His lyrics keep it real, mostly about relationships, and it seems like he sings from personal experience, rather than from fantasy. So there is a poetic maturity to his lyrical content. What Seal needs to do is change the background music to something much more blues oriented, preferably with Chicago blues musicians. But he should do a more up-tempo blues jam album next.