Cujo Score: Under-rated Classic

The score to Stephen King’s Cujo is an unusually complex masterpiece. The melodies are surprisingly optimistic and hopeful sounding for the most part, ironically. The strings and piano weave around each other playfully. Another thing I love about this score is that the dog attack scenes with the throbbing low bass swells are unusually listenable as a stand-alone.

I have the rare limited edition CD by Intrada. It is simply magnificent to listen to as I drive up 101 from the coast in the Springtime. Some of the piano work is just lovely, with some parts even sounding like the Simpsons theme song or something, but with feeling. There is a strong influence by Beethoven evident in the composer Berstein’s style, as he switches back and forth from major to minor key rapidly. I highly suggest adding the Intrada limited edition CD score of Cujo to your rare soundtrack collection.