Angerot Album Excels

A recent underground death metal release by Angerot really excels, delivering solid retro 1990’s American blast beats, and classic overdriven Swedish styled 90s riffs. The songs do a great job of having momentum and build-ups. The overall timbre of the recording is analogue and warm sounding, with punchy snare hits, and cymbals which are mixed just right. The drums bring to mind classic death metal bands such as Fleshcrawl and early Hypocrisy. The drums are not triggered, which is a big plus. Meanwhile the guitars bring you a tone straight off of 1991 Earache cassette compilation, where the distortion is more trebly and brighter (Marshall-like) than the bands these days (Mesa-Boogie-like). The vocals are mid-range growls, appearing in all the right spots to add to the roller coaster of broken skulls along the way. However, the vocals are not as memorable.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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