Shut it Down! (Forever…)

While many Americans are freaked out that the government shut down, I, on the other hand, am overjoyed! Who needs the federal government anyway? All I want to do is get in my power chair and run over some homeless people, and the government should stay out of my way! What has the government ever been good for anyway? Schools? Our schools suck! Welfare checks? Anyone who needs those isn’t fit to shine my shoe! Let’s not forget taxes! Everyone hates taxes! Think of it; think of the possibility of no federal taxes! Wouldn’t that be great? Imagine a world without politicians! Aren’t you in heaven already at the thought? You can say what you want when you want, if there’s no government! You can get wasted anytime you want! Play loud music 24/7! Hit on women without fear of government reprisal! Skip school! Make fun of the fat kid! Travel anywhere in the country at any speed! Swear all the time! Start your own government! Walk around naked! Grab a girl’s boobs! Tell terrible jokes! Show a horror film to little kids! Start an anarchist motorcycle gang! Start your own church and declare yourself a god! Have a Rob Schneider film festival! The possibilities are endless! Join me, Dave the Degenerate, on a quest to keep the government shut down! We can do better and be freer! Yeah!

Tranny Sexbots Will Be a TOTAL FAIL

Lets face it. Robo-Trannies will be a total fail. One company has said it may begin producing transsexual sexbots later next year, after it finishes making its male sexbot line.

Basically the appeal is said to be the ‘kink’ factor. One glance at your local Craigslist Casual Encounters will reveal that many localities are completely flooded with ads for homosexuals and transsexuals. Not only are the ideas of transsexual sexbots repugnant, in the sense that it encourages a twisted view of sexuality, but sexbots will not be economically viable, due to the superabundance of degenerate low-life trannies, that are readily available, unfortunately.

Pinball Links Music Death & Sex

Do you ever feel like the world is just kind of slapping you around from one situation in life to the next, like you don’t belong anywhere with anyone? Or that people sometimes bounce off each other in dramatic ways: some succeed, some die, others fade into obscurity.

I recently finished an interesting book called Pinball, by Jerzy Kosinski.  Supposedly, it was written for the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. The author is a Polish guy who was on the way to Polanski’s the day the Manson family killed them. He only wrote five books or so and is a cult author, known for so many revisions and being compact in his writing style. The author is like a well kept secret. And as the book shows, sometimes our secrets can be liabilities.

The plot involves a love triangle, which involves a number of pianist (performers) and composers. The main ploy is one of them is a very famous but reclusive composer, whose identity remains unknown. Throughout the book, the link main emphasis is on sex as a catharsis release of energy which then engages the creative spirit. Chopin is brought up as a sick but pertinent example. The author demonstrates tons of  knowledge of classical up through modern synthesizer music. And a bit about early rock and roll. He does this historically, as well in terms of performance art knowledge.  The love triangle is very intimidate, because the lovers are affecting each others musical compositions or performances, so that each act of lust takes on a higher meaning.

The climax of the book results in a final bloody and fatal feud, not unlike American Psycho crossed with a Tarentino script. The author is clearly a musician and probably sexually obsessive himself. The honesty of the writing style gives it power and purpose. In an age where the slightest touch on the ass of a hot female will result in the Gulag, reading a book such as this, or 1984, reminds one of the importance of the human touch, and the ability to freely associate and express oneself , free from tyranny.

Note that the one eye on the cover is probably Illuminati symbolism.


Dems Tank Dacca

Democrats on the Hill tanked the Dream Act Bill this week. They had promised to work towards drafting a bill which would legalize the children of illegals. This was a campaign promise by the Dems, based on one of their major voting constituencies. However, when push came to shove, and Trump was finally willing to sign DACCA, the Dems created a red herring diversion, by reigniting debate over whether “Trump is a racist”, by creating dubious press leaks regarding what was said behind closed doors in a bipartisan meeting.

What emerges is a weird situation in which Trump is once again championing the little guy against the establishment and Big Brother. By showing mercy towards the Dreamers, Trump is exposing that the left eats its own. That the left does not actually want Dreamers to be legalized, but chooses rather to hold them hostage, in order to use them as a voting block is apparent. Why else would they promise so much, and then do so little? Meanwhile they perpetually profit from this issue.

Trump may ironically take this issue off the table for them by issuing some form of executive order (reprehensible to many people on his own side). By taking away Dem. issues, Trump strategically exposes how left wing rage is manufactured by the government media complex. Shows on MSNBC demonstrate that their hosts have no regard for the Dreamers themselves, but only seek political gain by grossly exploiting the very people they purport to help.

French Actress v. Weinstein Hysteria

A famous French actress (Denueve) and 99 other French actresses, have signed a letter stating that the hysteria against Harvey Weinstein has now turned into a “Puritanical” witch hunt and has gone too far. They say the ‘Me Too” movement demonizes men and challenges sexual freedom of expression. Hatred of men is the basis of the movement, according to them.

We have also pointed out that all of Weinstein and Spacey’s unreleased flicks were censored or withdrawn prior to release. Clearly, freedom of expression by men is under fire by elitist female. The timing of this hysteria coincides with the Star Wars release which outlines a futuristic matriarchy styled society. James Franco is their next target, as Ally Sheedy (a mediocre over-rated actress at best in her prime) came out against him on Twitter. And Michael Douglass has a target on his back ( as if he needs to harass women to get laid!).

Since this scandal hit I have stopped flirting with women, and the ironic thing is that since men are now afraid to flirt or hit on women, now all the women are being super aggressive, and are hitting on men. Women should watch out what they wish for in terms of role reversal, since women have always had a free ride with the paternalistic system (yet complained about it). In a matriarchy the men will sit around and do nothing and do all the complaining, while waiting for women to ask them out. Meanwhile, women will be starved for attention and will be doing all the hard work in terms of employment, while men will do what women used to do – namely: MOOCH OFF THEM.

Fine with me!!!


Insidious Last Key Is Unwatchable

Bring your tomatoes. The movie about Churchill looked empty. However, Insidious The Key, which leads off with a dad beating on his four year old daughter, then further abusing her by locking her in the basement with demons is doing big business. Prior to beating her the dad asks the daughter to say there are no ghosts, but the daughter likes to get abused (I suppose). We get the usual creepy basement with demon claw hand emerging shots.  Then the mom comes down to check on daughter, and gets hung to death by some weird electrical chord (ya! really believable!!). And the child wakes up like 90 years later looking super old, though she died in a previous film. And she is drawing the demon and writing ‘turn the key’, as if she is retarded or something and needs to be writing this down due to lack of intelligence. I have given up on keeping track of the timeline of this series. I cannot in good conscience recommend a film that is essential child beating and demon porn. I walked out 5 minutes into the film and got a well deserved refund. There was a large audience there who seemed to enjoy the film.

Films like the Exorcist were good because they dealt with the battle between good and evil, and the crisis of faith which allows demons in. Insidious and Paranormal Activity are totally failures substantively, because they fail to address the spiritual gap in America which has led to the corrosion of virtue, and lead to the worship of darkness, power, and evil. Instead of priests being called and family members taking up faith, we get a bunch of psychic mediums, who probably couldn’t even predict a stock market rally or a ballgame outcome. These psychics are frauds, and what they see in their visions are merely illusionary lies made by demons, which further opens doorways to more demons. The film actually realizes this and puts it into the plot, which makes it intelligent on one level at least. However the overall goal of the series legitimizes child abuse, and encourages false new age crap that we all know to be lies like psychic BS (paging Miss Cleo!). I personally have strong intuition, but I combine it with faith and also do not presume anything. Medical studies of psychics such as card game draws and such have been shown to only give very slight statistical advantages to those with intuition. Enough to grind out consistent (but small) profits in the casino. But not enough to be omnipresent like a God, as in these films.

Demons are as afraid of light and gospel as non-Christians are of demons. When confronted with demons do not idolize them like in this movie. Instead look down upon them, for they are afraid to come out into the light. Fear no evil.

Or hell, if you wanna be evil, then at least do it consciously and go join those dang demons! Maybe they will kick you down some power or some shit. I am just sick of these wishy-washy in between psychic people. Choose a side already please!

In the meanwhile, if you wanna scare yourself, go listen to some Slayer, or something that doesn’t involve making money off watching four year olds take a beating. That’s really low-brow!

Support Robot Strippers

Having worked with a bunch of flakey porn actresses in the past, I fully support robot strippers, like the ones that recently danced in Las Vegas.

I experienced a lot of issues with booking ex-strippers while as a recruiter for the adult film industry from 20006-10 or so. They flaked out a lot, had pimp type boyfriends who would cause problems, or they would have drug issues. Another thing is that they would show up for the low paying gigs and then flake on the high paying gigs. Stripping is a business. Strip clubs need reliable employees who are not going to bring drug problems, flakiness, or drama to the joint.

Star Wars: The Last SJW

The case for A+:

Mark Hamill made a great performance in his return to the role of Luke. Though not given totally logical material, Hamill made the very most of this role, and gave the film the brevity it needed. The plot about him being torn between whether or not to be an active part of society or a recluse was surprisingly powerful, though flawed. I say it was flawed because Luke abruptly decides to rejoin the Rebellion for little to no reason, after having abandoned it for strong reasons.

The space ship battle scenes, as well as the film score, were both quite riveting. Adam Driver also gave a solid performance as Han Solo’s evil son. There was some great dialogue by him about ‘destroying the past’ to control the future (an Illuminati and Nietzsche-like view).  Benecio Del Torro also had a strong screen presence as a Han Solo type grafter, and was charming.


The case for F:

Social Justice BS pervaded this film . The cast was so multiethnic that it looked like a bad Sesame Street episode. There is even a big-headed chubby Japanese girl in one of the lead roles for some reason???

The ethic people have no personality, save social justice background stories, and a bunch of yelling ‘Ya!” Apparently, in the future only multiethnic new cast mems do anything (with the exception of Luke). So you will never get to know if any of the minorities in the film can really act, since they are just there to ‘play the role of that minority SJW’ instead of an ‘actual character’. The black guy character has now been in two or three of the films, but has not one character trait thus-far. I cannot even remember the names of most of the characters in these films due to lack of personality, though some have been in multiple films. A very bad sign!

But of course it goes without saying all the Empire bad guys are white males, and most often Anglo-Saxon. Like society itself in many ways, the Rebel fleet was run by a band of five wimpy white dykes, headed by Lara Dern as the Admiral. Pretty much like if Hilary had won the election. The dykes look like they were just at the mall, and they refuse to do anything actionable, until one character mutinies them for being do-nothings. It makes you wonder if you wouldn’t rather join the dark side than work for a bunch of beauty parlor dykes with ugly facial features and no boobs. I’d rather go read an old Playboy instead.

This brings us to Princess Leah, played by Carrie Fisher, who is really really bad in this flick, and should get a post-humus Razzie Award. She at one point floats into space (afte.r the ship gets attacked) and defies all physics. Even Vader and Luke would have died in outer space without breathing apparatus. Fisher is really high in the ‘chain of command’ (something the dykes rub in through the whole film). Yet, she looks barely fit to guard a slot machine in Reno. And she keeled over and died from partying after the film was released. She had really hunchy shoulders, and turkey neck veins, to go with the smoker’s voice. Not sure why they didn’t just kill her off early in this movie or the last (instead of Han!). I also didn’t mention the porgs, or whatever they are called. Porgs are some dumb creature meant to sell action figures and furry stuffed animals, and makes the movies seem dumb.

Also, I would add that the young British Jedi girl is boring (actress-wise). And the Chewy and Yoda look like the kid-friendly Dollar Store version of their former selves. Another thing is that people really don’t like the part where Adam Driver takes his shirt off trying to seduce the young Jedi girl. It makes guys feel gay, I was told at Jiu Jitsu class (ironically).

There was also a lot subversive of class warfare and (animal rights) propaganda against rich people, as evidenced by the demonization of casinos and horse-racing type events in the film. Finally, C3PO should have had more screen time with Luke, instead of one lousy thankless line.


This film gets a pass. Though I admit it was choppy. I say this because even though the social justice warriors dominate the film’s screen time, Luke comes back at the end to show them that all their PC crap is just that. When the shit hits the fan, even the PC crowd realizes it wouldn’t have survived without that older knowledgeable white guy (Luke), who is willing to fight for virtue. And also I like that the dyke squad had to face mutiny to get them to do anything.

If you go to see this movie, be sure to go to the matinee in order to save money – since this is such a mixed bag. I recommend the drive-in, so you can make fun of the social justice warriors, as well as the parts that make no sense – like where Leah flies out to space and back with no suit on, and is just fine nevertheless. Its important to be able to yell, “Bullshit!”, really loud at certain points in the film. The ending redeems itself though.


Light Sleeper A Realistic Noir

At the used bookstore for 99 cents I found a screenplay by Paul Schrader for his 1992 film called “Light Sleeper” with Willem Dafoe and Susan Sarandon. I remember liking the movie but otherwise not too much about it. What a great screenplay! It follows a character named John LeTour (Dafoe), a drug dealer who is smart but paranoid and can’t sleep. He works for a woman named Ann (Sarandon). a high-end dealer who is retiring and planning to go into cosmetics. It’s the same dreary thing day after day for LeTour until he has a chance meeting with Marianne (Dana Delany), his ex-wife, and his life takes an unexpected and rather tragic turn. Ultimately, the film is about revenge and redemption, common themes in Schrader scripts s such as “Taxi Driver.”

A foreword to the screenplay features an interview with Schrader where he talks about the film’s relation to “Taxi Driver” and “American Gigolo,” as well as how finding financing for the film was almost impossible. At the screenplay level, “Light Sleeper” is terse, taut, and gripping, a quick read with a beguiling simplicity and well-drawn characters. It’s sort of like the old movie “Tequila Sunrise” but much better.

The crux of it is one of his high end clients o.d.’s off his product, and he winds up in a cat and mouse game with a local detective. The backdrop of the high end New York fashion and modern art industry is believable and adds a dark emptiness to the plot. The main character doesn’t relish his job as a drug dealer and does wish to change, he just cannot find any other decent option to make a living. The tension between what he does for a living versus his ideal life provides harmonic balance.

The script is only 61 pages long (the average being about 90 or 100 pages) and is light on description, allowing the reader to fill in the gaps for him or herself. This is the quickest read of a script that I’ve ever seen, and it was made into a rather good film. Look for “Light Sleeper: A Screenplay” anywhere you can find it. It’s a must for any aspiring screenwriter!

Chainsaw Still Makes the Cut

A new “Chainsaw” called “Leatherface” has quietly snuck onto Blu-ray, DVD, and Direct TV. It claims to tell the real story of how Leatherface came to be. We begin at the Sawyer house, where Lili Taylor holds sway over the degenerate Sawyer family and young Jeb is being encouraged to kill. He refuses, so the family kills for him. The family makes the mistake of killing the sheriff’s (played by Stephen Dorff) daughter, and as punishment he sends Jed, the only innocent man in the family, to an institution filled with violent inmates. Ten years later, Jed (whose name has changed so the audience doesn’t know his identity) breaks out with the other inmates and a killing spree ensues.

Basically, this is the goriest movie of the year. It has stabbings, a head explosion, necrophilia, and, of course, chainsaw deaths. It is the last film of executive producer and GROIN Hall of Famer Tobe Hooper, one of the greatest horror directors who ever lived. It is refreshing to see such a politically incorrect film in this day and age, and the cast throws themselves into their roles with heedless abandon. Is this a great movie? No. Is it a lot of fun? Hell yeah! The “Texas Chainsaw” series rules, and this is the best one in a long time.Be sure to catch it before the commies take it off the shelves!

I love this series. In this new PC touchy feely age, sometimes society needs a bit of savage realism to knock some sense into it. At a time where half the country is upset about having their hiney touched thirty years ago, I choose to spend my time watching films about those people getting chopped in half because they made a wrong turn in the country-side and ran out of gas. Too bad they couldn’t have cast Judge Roy Moore in a cameo as the cannibal dad.