To Plunder or Not to Plunder?

The US had to bomb Syria this past week, in order to enforce the red line against usage of WMD. Only two NATO allies, Britain and France, aided in the air raid against Syrian chemical weapons factories. The reason the US has only two allies at this point is due to the fact that the United States has been to benevolent of a hegemon, over the last 20 years. In the old days, the United States got paid back by Japan and other first world allies after a war, such as the first Gulf War. Over time, the coalition of the willing has shrunk, and so has the funding from other nations, in terms of repaying the US for its international altruistic actions, in the name of human rights.

Meanwhile, Russia has many allies, and is quickly accumulating oil and mineral resources, throughout the ME. What can the US do to get more allies and get more funding? Plunder.

Like a hungry pit-bull, the US must instill fear, in order to get more allies. Trump is the first president to realize this since Bush I, and in a way, since great unsung presidents like Tyler and Polk, who expanded American territory and wealth.

The reason the US would have more allies if we were honest and open and told the world we intend to plunder through strength, is simply because they would admit to themselves that since they cannot beat us, they should join us. If we do not strike fear in the world, then the other nations will pretend to join us, but then take the benefits associated with that, but then not hold up their end of the bargain, and they will abandon us when we need them the most.

By simply crushing other nations and taking their stuff, we take care of all these problems in one big shebang. That way we don’t have to bother sticking around, and rebuilding, while our young men risk their limbs with IED’s. Trump is absolutely right. Take the oil and get the fuck out of there.

The Trial

My name is Franz Kafka. I am very proud of the Mueller investigation, which never produces any evidence against Trump, but just levies charge after charge after charge after charge, without ever having shown a SINGLE THING HE HAS DONE WHICH IS ILLEGAL. Trump has no right to discovery. No right to an attorney. No right to know the charges levied against him. No right to a jury of his peers. It must be clearly understood that Trump has NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, as this was the deep state’s intention

End The Sour Grapes: Fire Mueller

So here we are, over a year after the election, being subjected to ‘Russia this, Russia that,” after a year of worthless investgations by Democrat sore losers. The country is stuck simultaneously investigating the minusha of Dem. corruption, which was so pervasive and immense. At the same time Mueller is out like a rabid dog to get Trump, though its obvious Trump got no help from Russia in the election, nor did he need Russia’s help.

Rather than get bogged down in arguments over which party was more corrupt during the election (we all know the Dems were), it is time to paint the Dems as sore losers, while at the same time firing Mueller. Mueller was appointed to investigate Russian interference in the election. The fact that there was no actual Russian interference to help GOP/Trump means that Mueller is way out of bounds in his current investigation’s scope.

People are afraid that firing Mueller will result in impeachment proceedings against Trump. However, they are ignorant of the fact that this is exactly already where Mueller is headed with this. Mueller is a rabid dog, out to get Trump by any means necessary. Comey and the Bureau were his protoge’ and he old pals. That conflict of interest by Mueller (having to investigate his friends) provides solid ground for firing him.  If Mueller was a legit investigator he would be investigating Hilary for taking Russian disinformation in the Steele Dossier, which she funded.

A couple of fringe Dems already have already filed bogus impeachment proceedings against Trump. Allowing Mueller to wrap up his biased corrupt leftist investigation against Trump will only give the left’s case for impeachment proceedings more credence. Mueller should be fired immediately- for conflict of interest (investigating his own pals and cronies), abuse of power (the Manafort Raid and the Mattis background check were not Russia related), as well as for being well beyond the scope of the investigation. Finally, Mueller should be fired for for ignoring all evidence that it was the left (Hilary) who dealt with Russian intelligence (not Trump), and it was Obama who was using KGB eves dropping techniques.

Firing Mueller will piss off the left, but the left is pissed off already anyway. The left and CNN will want to impeach, but that is the narrative anyways. The time has come to say enough talking about the last election. We won. The Dems lost and are sore losers. Mueller’s probe is just sour grapes and a get even scheme by the corrupt left, in order to save their own asses politically. If the Dems want to try and impeach Trump for firing Mueller, then fine, let them try! They do not have the 60 Senate seats, and have proven to be a bunch of losers.

Fire Mueller. The president has the right to move on past the election sour grapes of the left. If the left and the media doesn’t like Mueller getting fired, they are free to try and win 60 Senate seats total when the next election comes. Trump is a winner though. And the Dems are pure failures, in denial. So this strategy will put the Dems in their place, while ensuring that Trump can move forward with the business of the country. After all, he won the election.


Kick McCain Out of the GOP

McCain has done it again. Having already helped the Obamacare repeal fail a few weeks ago, he is going to try and kill the Lindsey Graham Obamacare overhaul. This new bill is good. It would give the states more control over the healthcare system, while preserving coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. I have a pre-existing condition, as does my father, brother, mother, gf, and just about everyone I know. So I am not some heartless beast. My father is a doctor (radiologist) and he has explained to me the economics of healthcare – namely that NOTHING IS FREE. I liked this plan since I first heard about it 3 weeks ago. Very solid.

Lindsey Graham is McStain’s best pal. It is disturbing that McStain wants to preserve the commie centralized health care system at all costs. He has shown that he does not have America’s best interests at heart.

1. McCain supported ISIS ‘Syrian rebels’

and what’s with the ISIS soundstage pic, allegedly leaked from his staff?



2. He supported the Libyan rebels, which have turned Libya from the richest African state, into a miserably poor failed state.

3. Was involved in the S & L scandal in the 80s., being

4. He was involved in the Abscam scandal.

5. His torture and bravery in Nam were exaggerated, according to other American POW’s eyewitness accounts.

6. He instigated the bogus Russia investigation into Trump by pressing commie traitor James Comey in investigating the baloney matter.

7. As you may remember, he killed the Obamacare repeal effort a few weeks ago. This, despite the fact his party was elected with that at the top of it’s platform this past November. Maybe that bill was too harsh. However, the Graham bill is not. No excuse for this!

8. McCain is part of the Deep State, and is likely a source of many damaging leaks against the Trump administration, via classified info he gets as head of Armed Services Committee and other committees.

9. McCain has been radically pro completely excessive immigration oriented, despite the fact that 911 (my uncle lives in Manhattan blocks away) and other major terrorist attacks like the Boston Marathon and San Bernardino (which was close to where my dad lives so I take it even more personally) attacks were a result.

10. McCain’s runs for president were pathetic and hurt the party. His VP pick Sarah Palin is a pea-brained soccer mom, though conservative. And she made GOP women look like a laughing stock, which hurt the image of conservatives.

GOP should hold a formal Senate vote revoking his party affiliation, and should immediately strip him of all chairmanships. Conservatives should make every effort to fund primary challengers to McCain in the next election he is up. JD Hayworth , former Arizona Congressman, and talk radio show host was brave and challenged him unsuccessfully last time. He should have gotten more support. I spoke with him once on talk radio and he was very polite to me compared to others. He was a signee of the Contract with America, which brought a renaissance to Congress in the 90s.