Jimmy Kimmel is a Fucking Moron

Jimmy Kimmel is a fucking moron and a demagogue to boot. His kid has a heart problem, ya I get that. My brother who I take care of has cerebral palsy since birth. Deal with it! I don’t go around browbeating liberals using my brother as a ploy.

Kimmel is saying that though he can afford to get his kid open heart surgery, that there are somehow all these other kids out there dying from lack of open-heart surgeries. Well where are these poor kids Jimmy??? If there are so many of them why haven’t you brought a few of them on your show? Or better yet why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and pay for these other kid’s surgeries yourself if you really care so much about them. Rather than lecturing me with your bleeding heart about how the government must somehow be economically responsible (made to pay) for every unfortunate circumstance under the sun. Maybe you should consider spending 100k and several years of your life doing something more useful, LIKE BECOMING A DOCTOR YOURSELF, and then treat them for free – instead of lecturing everyone else from your comedic ivory tower. There are plenty of socialist medicine nations. Here is a list of them. Please move there if you like socialism so much! Feel free!!! :


In my experience if you are poor or disabled, Medicare/Medicaid DOES PAY FOR IT!!!

The dim-witted idea Kimmel has that somehow the surgery will become magically ‘free’ if Uncle Sam pays for it is laughable. Regardless of who pays for it, an open heart surgery is expensive. It does not become ‘free’ simply because the state foots the bill. The nation is 20 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. Can you get that through your thick skull? Its practically broke, if it were not for Fed Reserve subsidized interest rates at 1 percent. Interest rates at any normalcy of 3-5 percent would turn USA into Puerto Rico over night, and people would also lose their houses as their mortgage payments increased.

Having the government pay for things kills competition. When all costs are tacked onto the debt, it is your children, plus your children’s children whose futures are being comprised. Do you want their future to be one of being TAXED TO DEATH to pay for your freebees? In the name of your moral superiority complex??

My sound engineer Tom, a friend since high school, has seen his premiums increase by $500 a month since Obamacare socialized medicine passed. There is nothing compassionate about that. And his care is no better than it was before. More proof that big government is a TOTAL FAIL.

So the next time you hear some moron comedian tell you to just have the government pay for everything think to yourself : Isn’t this covered under Medicare/Medicaid already? And can the government really afford to pay 100 percent of everyone’s medical bills, on top of Hurricane relief and the rest of the largely socialist system we live in?? Can our already broke-ass government afford to pay for every unfortunate exorbitant Act of God under the sun, on the backs of excessive taxes/ reduced services on future generations?

The answer is a resounding NO. Only a complete moron would even dare suggest doing so in good conscience.

Stick to comedy, you fucking schmuk!

Kick McCain Out of the GOP

McCain has done it again. Having already helped the Obamacare repeal fail a few weeks ago, he is going to try and kill the Lindsey Graham Obamacare overhaul. This new bill is good. It would give the states more control over the healthcare system, while preserving coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. I have a pre-existing condition, as does my father, brother, mother, gf, and just about everyone I know. So I am not some heartless beast. My father is a doctor (radiologist) and he has explained to me the economics of healthcare – namely that NOTHING IS FREE. I liked this plan since I first heard about it 3 weeks ago. Very solid.

Lindsey Graham is McStain’s best pal. It is disturbing that McStain wants to preserve the commie centralized health care system at all costs. He has shown that he does not have America’s best interests at heart.

1. McCain supported ISIS ‘Syrian rebels’


and what’s with the ISIS soundstage pic, allegedly leaked from his staff?



2. He supported the Libyan rebels, which have turned Libya from the richest African state, into a miserably poor failed state. http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/africa/04/22/mccain.libya/index.html

3. Was involved in the S & L scandal in the 80s.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/keating-scandal-still-haunts-mccain/, being

4. He was involved in the Abscam scandal.


5. His torture and bravery in Nam were exaggerated, according to other American POW’s eyewitness accounts.


6. He instigated the bogus Russia investigation into Trump by pressing commie traitor James Comey in investigating the baloney matter.


7. As you may remember, he killed the Obamacare repeal effort a few weeks ago. This, despite the fact his party was elected with that at the top of it’s platform this past November. Maybe that bill was too harsh. However, the Graham bill is not. No excuse for this!

8. McCain is part of the Deep State, and is likely a source of many damaging leaks against the Trump administration, via classified info he gets as head of Armed Services Committee and other committees.


9. McCain has been radically pro completely excessive immigration oriented, despite the fact that 911 (my uncle lives in Manhattan blocks away) and other major terrorist attacks like the Boston Marathon and San Bernardino (which was close to where my dad lives so I take it even more personally) attacks were a result.


10. McCain’s runs for president were pathetic and hurt the party. His VP pick Sarah Palin is a pea-brained soccer mom, though conservative. And she made GOP women look like a laughing stock, which hurt the image of conservatives.

GOP should hold a formal Senate vote revoking his party affiliation, and should immediately strip him of all chairmanships. Conservatives should make every effort to fund primary challengers to McCain in the next election he is up. JD Hayworth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._D._Hayworth , former Arizona Congressman, and talk radio show host was brave and challenged him unsuccessfully last time. He should have gotten more support. I spoke with him once on talk radio and he was very polite to me compared to others. He was a signee of the Contract with America, which brought a renaissance to Congress in the 90s.