NFL / NBA Constantly Disrespect USA

If you go to an NFL game, be sure and bring lots of tomatoes to throw at the overpaid jerks who kneel down at the beginning of the game. If you can’t bring those in then get some chili fries at the stadium or something and bring something to form a slingshot. Hurl that shit at the kneelers!┬áThe players union is standing firm on wanting the players to be able to disrespect the flag. Ad revenues have declined $200 million this year for the league. The 49ers game was half empty last Sunday. Maybe if they have free invisible socialist unicorn day they can fill those seats. Until then, I say throw your tomatoes hard! If corporate execs can take a pie in the face, these guys can handle a few tomatoes in the afro.

Was also glad to see Stephen Curry disinvited to the White House after trashing our president. Curry was born very rich since his dad was NBA. He needs to not act like such a damn spoiled brat and be respectful of the USA. Half his fans voted for the pres.

At this point I am mostly into horseracing for several reasons. The horses and jockeys do not disrespect the flag or country. In fact, an old fashioned horn player plays Taps before the race often. Also there is no monopoly with all the best players going to one team and then acting like a bunch of prima-donnas. I don’t have to sit around and watch a bunch of grown men play an uncivilized sport. There are plenty of classy sports like tennis, track and field, judo, baseball, even bowling where the sport is not as ghetto as basketball and NFL. I will stick with the classier sports and let ghetto sports rot.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!