NFL / NBA Constantly Disrespect USA

If you go to an NFL game, be sure and bring lots of tomatoes to throw at the overpaid jerks who kneel down at the beginning of the game. If you can’t bring those in then get some chili fries at the stadium or something and bring something to form a slingshot. Hurl that shit at the kneelers! The players union is standing firm on wanting the players to be able to disrespect the flag. Ad revenues have declined $200 million this year for the league. The 49ers game was half empty last Sunday. Maybe if they have free invisible socialist unicorn day they can fill those seats. Until then, I say throw your tomatoes hard! If corporate execs can take a pie in the face, these guys can handle a few tomatoes in the afro.

Was also glad to see Stephen Curry disinvited to the White House after trashing our president. Curry was born very rich since his dad was NBA. He needs to not act like such a damn spoiled brat and be respectful of the USA. Half his fans voted for the pres.

At this point I am mostly into horseracing for several reasons. The horses and jockeys do not disrespect the flag or country. In fact, an old fashioned horn player plays Taps before the race often. Also there is no monopoly with all the best players going to one team and then acting like a bunch of prima-donnas. I don’t have to sit around and watch a bunch of grown men play an uncivilized sport. There are plenty of classy sports like tennis, track and field, judo, baseball, even bowling where the sport is not as ghetto as basketball and NFL. I will stick with the classier sports and let ghetto sports rot.

Rush Limbaugh Implies Super Bowl is Fixed

I was driving home to Salinas from San Jose yesterday, and I heard Rush say something on the radio that really surprised me. He said that the Atlanta Falcons basically ‘didn’t even play in the second half of that game’. He said it three or four times – there was no mistaking this. Then he got flustered and said he had to take a commercial break. In doing so he almost implied that he was going to cross the line.
The precipice of Rush’s statement was that many had been saying the the NE Patriots win on Sunday was one of the greatest Super Bowl victories of all time. Rush disputed that saying ‘how can you call it a great game when one team doesn’t even try?’. We have seen corruption in the NFL – with bad calls aiding NE all through the second half. We have seen Tom Brady deflate footballs in his prior wins. We have seen NFL teams spying on each other’s practice sessions and stealing their plays. We have seen teams pay their players bonuses for injuring opponents. Also, almost any team (except the 49ers) who publicly finances a new stadium seems to go from worst to first

and that seems fishy. We have seen liberal cities like NE, and Seattle always winning every year, which defies the odds. We have seen pass interference called so often in the NFL, that the very idea of trying to do pass coverage is an oxymoron. Its not possible to cover receivers when every minor contact results in multiples of ten yards in penalties. And we have seen Beyonce saluting Black Panthers at halftime shows.

Here’s the deal: Vegas controls the officials in most major US sports. This is because Americans are overly legalistic and bureaucratic, that each of our sports have a billion rules (which are enforced by biased bureaucrats – otherwise know as officials, or referees). Vegas controls the outcomes through paying off the officials.


The courts have ruled fans do not have a right to see a fair game. American sports have been ruled to be ‘entertainment’, and fans have no right to an honest outcome. As a result , Americans would do better to gain an interest in traditional sports, such as bowling, fishing, or horseshoes – where the outcome is not decided by bribed officials. In lieu of that, US sports should ban officials and all questionable determinations should be decided by sensors, like in tennis – in order to avoid human bias, whether due to corruption or error.

Whether it is in sports or in politics, the dirty truth is that too many Americans love having too many rules, enforced by fallible humans, who are prone to bias and corruption. Whether its the Super Bowl or a simple travel ban, Americans love the drama of having Big Brother (or in the case the casinos (via the refs) – arbitrarily determine the outcomes for us – because Americans feel so pathetic about themselves, that they no longer wish to determine their own outcomes. Whether it is the refs in sports or the government in the greater realm, the truth is that many Americans want to live in the Matrix. They want to be told how every outcome SHOULD be, rather than letting the players determine the outcomes for themselves.

People that watch the NFL all the time are fucking idiots.