Absurd Show Dogs Controversy

I went to see this kids flick about a dog show, since I had heard of a ridiculous controversy surrounding the film, and wanted to see for myself. The movie had been recalled from over a thousand theatres, due to the fact that at one point I a dog contest, the judge warns a dog that he will have to inspect the dog’s genitals. So he tells the dog to go to ‘his happy place.’ Reading more about the controversy, I learned that it is factual that show dog judges do inspect the dog’s private parts as standard operating procedure for whatever reason. This movie is still showing at my local theatre, though it was pulled from many others. It was actually a pretty decent and harmless flick overall. I find it amusing that conspiracy sites, many with similar suspicions as my own normally, went so overboard trashing this rather innocuous film, over a fairly harmless scene that if you went to take a leak or get more popcorn – you would miss. No, this movie was not made by the Illuminati, in order to get your child to be ready for weird pseudo-sexual Satanic rituals. Sorry to disappoint you!

The movie was actually pretty funny. A cop (played by Will Arnett) has to infiltrate a dog show to save a baby panda and other keep dogs from being endangered or killed. In order to accomplish this, he needs his Rottweiler partner named Max (voiced by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges un a bravura turn) to make it deep into a dog show and try to win so the cop can stop the animal-exploiting villains. There is m lot of humor about how ill-suited Max is both as a dog show contestant and in terms of socializing with other dogs, The other dogs all have strong, hilarious personalities and as a result the film is far better than expected. The director made “The Smurfs” and “Scooby-Doo,” so that should give you some idea of what to expect. It’s no world-beater but it’s good enough to rate as solid family entertainment. Take your kid to see “Show Dogs” and don’t believe the naysayers!