French Actress v. Weinstein Hysteria

A famous French actress (Denueve) and 99 other French actresses, have signed a letter stating that the hysteria against Harvey Weinstein has now turned into a “Puritanical” witch hunt and has gone too far. They say the ‘Me Too” movement demonizes men and challenges sexual freedom of expression. Hatred of men is the basis of the movement, according to them.

We have also pointed out that all of Weinstein and Spacey’s unreleased flicks were censored or withdrawn prior to release. Clearly, freedom of expression by men is under fire by elitist female. The timing of this hysteria coincides with the Star Wars release which outlines a futuristic matriarchy styled society. James Franco is their next target, as Ally Sheedy (a mediocre over-rated actress at best in her prime) came out against him on Twitter. And Michael Douglass has a target on his back ( as if he needs to harass women to get laid!).

Since this scandal hit I have stopped flirting with women, and the ironic thing is that since men are now afraid to flirt or hit on women, now all the women are being super aggressive, and are hitting on men. Women should watch out what they wish for in terms of role reversal, since women have always had a free ride with the paternalistic system (yet complained about it). In a matriarchy the men will sit around and do nothing and do all the complaining, while waiting for women to ask them out. Meanwhile, women will be starved for attention and will be doing all the hard work in terms of employment, while men will do what women used to do – namely: MOOCH OFF THEM.

Fine with me!!!