Disqus Ruining the Internet

Disqus is silencing people. It takes forever to get comments to even just load on a message board these days. Then if you lost your password and click the send me link to new password it either send you nothing , or sends you to a page where it says all usernames are taken already or that your suggested name is not legit.

There is no reason one should have to submit your email address info to these sites in the first place. These companies have no right to track every user , nor to sell our email info. These sites (Breitbart, Infowars etc) could easily flush Disqus where it belongs and just let people post without giving their personal info.

Disqus is a commie front. It needs to die off as a platform immediately. Let freedom ring. Truly free speech would not require us to submit personal info prior to self-expression. We must restore our right to privacy on message boards. Disqus should be sued for violating our right to free speech (and privacy) , and immediately be put out of business. Drain the swamp…


Deplorable Steve