Randy Quaid Will Crush Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and his liberal ilk had better watch out. There’s a new sheriff in town. And his name is Randy Quaid. Quaid, of Vacation and Christmas Vacation fame, is taking on Bernie Sanders for his Senate seat. He has a reality TV show documenting his run. Quaid is a big time Trump supporter, and has enough of an independent streak to merit consideration from all sides.


His detractors will posit that Quaid is a mental case and should not be elected. It’s true he was put under house arrest while on the run from authorities for trespassing, vandalism, and unpaid hotel dues. He claimed that ‘star-wackers’ were out to get him. Probably the same people that killed David Carradine, Robin Williams, and Whitney Houston. Is Quaid nuts? No. Many Hollywood stars get in drug, real estate, credit card, and real estate debt. They are subject to termination by drug-dealers and loan sharks. Just like there is a shadow government, which Trump is fighting – there is also a shadow industry in Hollywood and the lime-light, in which dirty leeches suck the blood of the entertainment industry talent.

What makes Quaid qualified? Quaid, with his skepticism of Hollywood and government, and his innate understanding about the failures of liberalism (as evidenced by his portrayal of the dependent mooch uncle in Vacation) is just what Vermont needs. A good kick to the nuts of liberalism. Ok you want to pay higher taxes for do-gooder stuff??? OK , but you will have to house and pay for those dreamers yourself. You want free health care for all??? Ok but don’t be surprised if all the indigents and illegals cut in front of you in line at the hospital (and steal your cell phone to make expensive long-distance calls to Mexico city). You want communism? Ok, but you will have to let that homeless junkie ‘borrow’ your new BMW then.

Also, we have previously done a Randy Quaid tribute here at Groin. And we would like to mention that he is a very multi-dimensional actor, unlike DeNiro and Meryl Streep. Quaid can play LBJ. He can play Lenny from Mice and Men. He can play the cannibal dad in Parents. And we are quite certain that he can play Senator from Vermont better than PC socialist Bernie Sanders.

Personally, I would vote for Randy Quaid any day.


Trump did very well on the North Korean crisis. He did great against Syria. Also helped Mosul and the Raqqa victories. The Russian ‘spy’ scandal has not produced a single ‘spy’. Fell one vote short of major victory on health care. Most of the current events are manufactured hysterias.

None of the people in the ranks are any good, US has lost many long wars and the generals nor the CEO’s are to be trusted as authorities on zilch. It’s small businesses that have been getting the short end of the stick, while big businesses skirt paying taxes. Larry Kudlow, Pat Buchanan , Steve Forbes and some guys like that are really who should be in the cabinet. There are too many advisors , and all too many cabinet positions, hence leaks.

Ivanka , Jared , the generals and most of the people Trump appointed are no good . So them sticking around or quitting or getting fired is of no consequence. His presidency was crippled by leaks, which have slowed since the firing anyhow . In this country you can still support who you want. Trump still has a lot of support. Just not on TV or in California . No he doesn’t need the cities or mainstream media’s approval , as evidenced by the election results. His support is in the south, mid-west and the rust belt, and then on the internet and radio.

One last weird thing about the Nazi rally is the white shirts tan pants theme they were uniformed in was the same outfit that originally was reported by eyewitnesses at the san bernadino terror attack as well as the security guards from KRAFT International (mercs. named after the American Sniper) who were seen guarding the Boston marathon, coupled with the fact that the LA based PR firm was recruiting paid crowds in Charlottesville, NC – 3 hours away from the VA rally.

Trump was proven right on NK and on ISIS threat (Spain attack) in the same weekend hard to believe he gets no credit for that stuff.

Personally , I am having trouble believing the concept that somehow Islamic boogeymen want to attack peace-nick European nations everyday. I don’t see how it furthers any objective for anyone except for the security state, even for ISIS. As time goes on , it gets harder to accept the notion that on 911 somehow airline security allowed 19 armed males to simultaneously boarded planes. without having apprehended more than say one of them. Or letting the Pentagon get hit is also just kinda unbelievable from a national security standpoint that that building was not defended.

I guess its possible.

Right now it seems like the push for self-automated driving cars is being pushed by the security state so they can track and control more. Perhaps they are framing people. Why do perps. in those incidents always magically leave their passports at the scene?

Trump condemned the right wing as much as anyone else the one day in Virginia. The argument he got into with the press validated his point of view on the topic. This was all related to the press trying to falsely pretend that the left wing protesters were non-violent. Well the fact is that all of Trump’s kids married into Jewish families. All his grandkids are of Jewish faith. The left has also made up a lie that Trump’s father was racist, when the fact is Trump’s dad built a holocaust memorial.

What the RHINOS and left want are they want ‘hate speech’ to become unprotected speech, meaning you could then start arresting people for saying things that the state deems racist. This is basically how the law is in the EU now. In the EU, if you say something racist you do jail time. It is similar to an inquisition now. Now they say ‘racist’ instead of ‘heresay’.

Basically, if you think US history is great you are considered hateful.

The other thing you have to realize is just how unpopular the Mitch M. Senate Majority Leader, and McCain types are. When they appear on TV groveling, and trying to appear holier than thou on race issues (which is ridiculous to do – what does it prove?) they just confirm that they are really self hating and are basically just Democrats (that’s why they are called RHINOS).

If Trump leaves the party fundraising for the GOP will COMPLTELY DRY UP. The GOP will have ZERO funds to run on and zero enthusiasm from its base in the mid-terms and is headed for a complete slaughter at the polls by Dems ( who will turn out en masse ) the end result will be Trump cutting deals with the Dems as an fiercely independent Savage Nation conservative, meanwhile the GOP loses both houses and things will actually ironically work out better. Why?  Because the current GOP Congress has proven itself to be the most pathetic majority party in the history of the nation.