Randy Quaid Will Crush Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and his liberal ilk had better watch out. There’s a new sheriff in town. And his name is Randy Quaid. Quaid, of Vacation and Christmas Vacation fame, is taking on Bernie Sanders for his Senate seat. He has a reality TV show documenting his run. Quaid is a big time Trump supporter, and has enough of an independent streak to merit consideration from all sides.


His detractors will posit that Quaid is a mental case and should not be elected. It’s true he was put under house arrest while on the run from authorities for trespassing, vandalism, and unpaid hotel dues. He claimed that ‘star-wackers’ were out to get him. Probably the same people that killed David Carradine, Robin Williams, and Whitney Houston. Is Quaid nuts? No. Many Hollywood stars get in drug, real estate, credit card, and real estate debt. They are subject to termination by drug-dealers and loan sharks. Just like there is a shadow government, which Trump is fighting – there is also a shadow industry in Hollywood and the lime-light, in which dirty leeches suck the blood of the entertainment industry talent.

What makes Quaid qualified? Quaid, with his skepticism of Hollywood and government, and his innate understanding about the failures of liberalism (as evidenced by his portrayal of the dependent mooch uncle in Vacation) is just what Vermont needs. A good kick to the nuts of liberalism. Ok you want to pay higher taxes for do-gooder stuff??? OK , but you will have to house and pay for those dreamers yourself. You want free health care for all??? Ok but don’t be surprised if all the indigents and illegals cut in front of you in line at the hospital (and steal your cell phone to make expensive long-distance calls to Mexico city). You want communism? Ok, but you will have to let that homeless junkie ‘borrow’ your new BMW then.

Also, we have previously done a Randy Quaid tribute here at Groin. And we would like to mention that he is a very multi-dimensional actor, unlike DeNiro and Meryl Streep. Quaid can play LBJ. He can play Lenny from Mice and Men. He can play the cannibal dad in Parents. And we are quite certain that he can play Senator from Vermont better than PC socialist Bernie Sanders.

Personally, I would vote for Randy Quaid any day.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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