Shadow Puppets is a Power Play

This book reads like an intergalactic version of Rise and Fall of the Great Powers. China , India, and other BRICS face off against each other on Earth. The author suggests that war is a way the elites control and unite the masses.

“And mouths and … well, yes of course. A little more independent, and a little less obedient than the individual Formics, of course, but that’s how a species comes to dominate a world the way we did, and they did. Because you know how to get a large group of individuals to give up their personal will and subject themselves to a group mind.” (Page 240 of the paperback)

Cryptic discussion of why the US doesn’t invest in countries like Iran:

“Locke almost never wrote against China directly, but rather took it for granted that there would be another invasion, and that long term investments in probable target countries might be unwise, that sort of thing. (Page 248)

Discussion of military tactics here:

“Because, contrary to widespread belief, Achilles is not a genius, and he does make mistakes. His reach is not infinite and his power can be blocked. He doesn’t know everything. He doesn’t have everything planned. I think half the time he’s winging it, putting himself in the way of opportunity and seizing it when he sees it. (page 251)

Card talks about the deep state and the Illuminati running things, bureaucrats basically:

“Most people didn’t even know where the decision making level was, since it was certainly not the famous decision makers at the top, who were too old to think of anything new and too frightened of losing their perks or getting caught out in their decades of criminal acts ever to do anything but say, “Do as you think wise,” to their underlings.” (Page 301)

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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