Serpent and Rainbow Hits BluRay

Wes Craven’s best and probably most underrated effort is 1988’s
“The Serpent and the Rainbow,” a terrifying tale loosely based on a
true story. Inspired by the non-fiction book by Wade Davis that
details his adventures in Haiti while searching for an effective
“zombification” drug, this film gives us a Dr. Allen (played by Bill
Pullman in his first lead role) who is on the same quest but who has
much more harrowing experiences. How harrowing? Well, how about
suffering brutal injuries while being tortured and (later) being
buried alive?

Sort of a fever dream combo of “A Nightmare on Elm
Street” and an Indiana Jones flick, the film impresses with its
thousands of extras, one of whom eats glass on-screen, The film,
which was shot in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, also impresses by
showing the real-life turmoil going on in the region and suggesting a
culture beyond America’s understanding. Throw in some truly
frightening dream (or are they?) sequences, a great performance by
Zakes Mokae as a truly corrupt government official and an interracial
romance between Pullman and fellow doctor Cathy Tyson and you have one
of the most interesting films of the 1980’s. Also, Brad Fiedel
contributes his best score.

The Blu-ray from Shout Factory! features a great new transfer,
very lucid commentary from star Bill Pullman and an involving 27
minute making-of documentary featuring extensive interviews with
Pullman, Davis, and cinematographer John Lindley. Don’t miss this
seminal release of an unjustly forgotten horror film. “The Serpent
and The Rainbow” will scare you silly!

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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