1st Theatrical Release Filmed on Iphone

There’s a very effective horror thriller called “Unsane” that
snuck into theatres Thursday night. Directed by Oscar-winner Steven
Soderbergh. the film stars Claire Foy as a career woman at the end of
her rope because of an awful experience with a stalker. She starts to
act out on dates and makes the mistake of telling a counselor that
she’s recently had suicidal thoughts. Before she knows it, she’s
tricked into voluntarily committing herself to a mental hospital.
That’s bad, but what’s worse is she thinks she sees her stalker
working at the hospital. Is she insane or isn’t she? How does she get
out of this awful predicament?

I wasn’t expecting much from this low-budget horror film,
especially when I heard that the director shot it entirely on his
I-Phone 7. But it’s actually really good. It touches on universal
fears such as being a victim of stalking, being committed to a mental
hospital, and having no one believe your cries of distress. The
acting is solid, the script is believable, and shooting it on an
I-Phone produces a you-are-there feeling that a bigger camera would
not. It is well-researched and teaches valuable lessons like: 1.
Never tell your shrink anything about suicidal thoughts. 2. If you’re
in the hospital, don’t do anything no matter what.

The story builds with several twists I have not revealed here and the director avoids
horror tropes like jump-scares. In short, this is a very good film
that is solid, believable, and much scarier than “The Strangers: Prey
at Night.” If you like good thrillers, don’t miss this one!

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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