Salvaged: Part One



Journal Entry:
January 2041

I have been relegated to a colonial dance reformation camp. Cortez took over as Empirado, following the secret poisoning and coma of the controversial populist leader. We were injected with experimental serums, and our wealth was confiscated. I grew a third arm, and my head became malformed, in a triangular distorted shape, somewhat putty-like and malleable, with bionic infared eyes. SSRI injections were mandatory, but at least in the camps sex with robots was permitted. Whereas, in society at large, everything was now considered rape, due to the #MeToo Movement, and capital punishment often resulted for males. SSRI sex was often said to be dysfunctional, but I found it to be the best of my life. Of course, the state confiscated our seed and fed it into a mass incubator, growing a mindless army of young drone workers for the collective society. By day we were forced to work on mass synchronized dance moves. The energy was harvested to kinetically power air conditioning systems and entertainment systems for the elite. And on it went.


Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!