Romney For Supreme Court

I predict that President Donald Trump will nominate Mitt Romney for the Supreme Court. Some people may think this would be a strange choice. However, I assure you that it is a winning one. Here is a look at why Romney would be confirmed, as a staunch conservative pro-life Justice. You will notice that the answers are all two-fold. They hinge around the idea that he is politically palatable, as well as being predictably far right. Romney is the far rights version of Fozzie the Bear, but with a killer instinct.

1) I am always right about this kinda stuff. From having predicted Trump winning the election, to me here at having said Trump needed to bring Larry Kudlow and Giuliani into his administration, I have made the predictions that just fucking come true. Period.

2) Unlike many other conservatives (remember Bork), Romney would be confirmed. He is well perceived by the media , and even by the center. Remember that he was anti-Trump during the campaign, aligned with McCain, and others. Yet he is staunchly pro-life, and pro business. As a head of Bain Capitol, he ruthlessly pillaged crappy smaller companies, or inefficient larger companies, not un- like Gordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street. This makes him cool in my book, since I want a free market with low taxes. I know he’s my kinda guy. He is a businessman , just like Trump!

3) Even though Romney is far to the right on pro-life issues, the left wouldn’t be able to turn him into a villain very easily, since the American people are so familiar with him over time. The time has come for the right to hammer home the fact that the left’s pro abortion stance makes no sense in light of their concern over illegal alien children. It is time for the GOP to go ahead and pick that abortion fight. Only morons get chicks pregnant anyways, since any guy who knows what he is doing pulls out, or has other ways to not knock up a bitch.

4) There should be a Mormon on the Supreme Court. Always, Jesuits are chosen for it. The time has come to pick a Mormon. This is an angle the media will also like, and give Trump credit for. You know the GOP needs all those Mormon votes they can get. Probably good for GOP fundraising too!

5) Romney is a familiar name. Therefor, he has been vetted already – unlike other potential candidates.

6) Free market and pro-life should be the main goals in a candidate. That is essentially the root of the US Constitution, under which private property and other rights stem. Central control and punitive governance were anathema to the Founding Fathers. Romney represents individual freedom and life.

7) Selecting Romney takes away political opposition in future elections. Romney is a possible challenger to Trump’s reign come 2020 presidential election. Romney has the $, the name recognition , the connections, and the experience to make it a hard contest between him and Trump. Picking Romney nullifies any possible future challenge from Romney, and prevents him from running for presidency and failing to connect with enough voters to win a general election, resulting in another Dem. win.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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