Pardon Manafort and Cohen NOW

Every time something criminal comes out about the FBI or the left, the left simply jails Mueller or indicts more ‘Russians’. Trump should pardon Manafort for the ‘witness tampering’ charge. Manafort has not been convicted of anything, and he has the right to freely associate with others until such time. PARDON MANAFORT and COHEN IMMEDIATELY.

Moreover , it is time to have DOJ weigh ‘conspiracy’ charges against Mueller and Comey, and their minions, who are WAY out of line, and are intent on punishing Trump’s former campaign team, simply because crooked Hillary lost. Trump should threaten to put them under ‘private persons arrest’ if DOJ does not act.

Ukraine is a western styled democracy, and frankly there is nothing wrong with Manafort having worked on the presidential campaign there. The media has NOT explained what law Manafort actually broke. The lobbying charge is certainly not worthy of a life sentence. Maybe worth a fine, if anything. The US government (McCain and others) did tons of work behind the scenes in Ukraine. If Manafort has to go to jail , so should all the CIA spooks involved there, along with Vitaly Klitchko (the boxer who helped start the revolution there).

Hillary and Bill did tons of quid pro quo lobbying while she served as Sec. of State, raking in millions in contributions, while she purposely left America’s top secrets on her personal computer, in order for foreign nations to be able to steal the documents in exchange for the contributions.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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