White Man to Play Michael Jackson

Joseph Fiennes is set to play Michael Jackson in a film about a road trip he took with Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor (back in the day). People are pissed!



But Fiennes makes a good point that Michael Jackson had his skin pigment lightened, so therefor its right for a white man to play him. Jackson suffered from a rare immune disease that attacks the skin and leaves pigment appearing bleached. He bleached the rest of himself to mask the discoloration.

I applaud the casting of this film. It gives the left a taste of their own medicine. It has been impossible to watch pro sports without being inundated in (contemporary) urban black culture. It wasn’t always this way, but these days watch an NBA game or the Super Bowl, and one is almost guaranteed to see Beyoncé or Dr. Dre perform at half time. What I am saying is that pro sports has been taken over by rap culture. So for one of urban culture’s beloved (morally questionable) idols to be mimicked by some white guy for a change is the flip side of that coin. On that note I am going to have a drink!

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The left has been throwing The Hamiltons play in our face all year, a play in which all the founding father’s roles get played by blacks. They even stopped performing so they could yell at the Vice President. That is one more reason why a white guy playing Michael Jackson is poetic justice. Lets face it , a person who doesn’t belong in the role at all just makes a movie or event more interesting. For better or worse, it is by stepping into roles and perspectives that we don’t belong in, that we learn about each other.

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