Cellular Sperm Testing

A company has invented a cheap $5 cell phone test which measures the potency of sperm:  https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/03/at-home-male-fertility-test-uses-semen-sucking-chip-and-a-smartphone/

They 3d printed a case that goes around the phone, plus a small chip that you bust a nut in. After you bust, the chip inserts on the top frame of the device, and a Google app takes super fast pictures of the sperms swimming, thereby measuring the potency of the sperm. Knowing how modern women are, this will probably all become one more intrusive thing (like STD tests) guys are forced to do for their chick, when they are first seeking approval. But at least this is cheap and can be done without going to a lab. You would think this would be useful for couples trying to see why the bitch hasn’t gotten knocked up yet. But if you banged her 100 times and busted in her , and there is no sign of a baby yet – then maybe you should assume you don’t have the most potent sperm in the world. Anyhow, in modernity we need an app for everything supposedly. So I would grade this as progress overall for the consumer, since its cheap and simple to do on your own. I do get sick of women testing their partners for everything under the sun, as well as the concept of test tube babies. Eugenics is lame, even if done in the modern liberal context, rather than a statist one.