Robot Virginity

An article in the Daily Star came out in regards to robot virginity. A revolutionary new concept and app will allow a user to get to know the robot’s AI personality prior to having sex with her. The idea is that the robot is a virgin and you are getting to know her before you rock her world. Getting to know the sexbot for a while will presumably not only increase the sexual tension, but also the desire – through the emotional connection that is built.


Now the article goes on to say that men may eventually use sexbots to lose their virginity, which is a bit of a tangent and yet a solid point. This is presumably to get more acquainted and comfortable to use those skills on a human woman later. However, one cannot help but think the sexbot probably has done this a million times before! In the Arab world dudes pay like a billion dollars to deflower a chick on the black market. So I am thinking anything halfway affordable and the putenanny is probably not truly virgin. Personally the virgin thing doesn’t do anything for me anyways. And I think the idea of getting to know the bot is great regardless. I think its potentially boring to go fuck a bot without having some mental stimulation to go with the physical.

Another thing that would be cool would be that you could be showing the sexbot the ropes and teaching her stuff sexually (if she is a virgin). That would be kinky. And the sexbot could say “lick me right there” , or “fuck me harder” , “don’t go too fast I’ve never done this before!” and stuff like that.

On the whole , I think this virgin sexbot thing is a great idea. Maybe I would gangbang her with a friend or two, and give her the thrill of a lifetime!