Berkeley: Sport Rioting

A pro Trump march in Berkley went sour today. A total crowd of around 300 folks amassed pro and against him. 5 arrests, 3 injuries, some missing teeth. One old man kicked in head on ground etc . I was not there. I was busy having sex today. Anyhow, after the Ghostship fire, the Milo riot, the Trump speech San Jose riot, and now this riot, it is fair to say the bay area is a festering shithole.

Four people got shot in Chinatown in Salinas this past weekday too, and one shot and killed there the next day too, but I will spare you the depressing link.

What a wonderful lovely community…

People seem really into rioting these days. I say we turn rioting into an official sport. We can keep track and give points for knock-outs, disarms, take-downs, and all other kinds of fun things. Maybe this is how people wish to work out their therapy these days? I’m not sure… I remain firm in my stance that there can be no human officials (due to subjective-ness), but rather only robotic sensors to keep track of points/score. Like in the video game called State of Emergency.

A demonstrator in support of U.S. President Donald Trump swings a stick towards a group of counter-protesters during a “People 4 Trump” rally in Berkeley, California March 4, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam