Jamaica Red Ale is actually a Stout or IPA

6.6 percent alcohol.

Raggae music sucks. My girl lives near the Fairgrounds and I hear their raggae concert annually. The music sucks and has like 2 chords. Now the modern music in Jamaica is way better. The rhythms are way more (modern) sophisticated and interesting. The vocals much less predictable and about twice as fast/ nuanced. It is music to bang/bling to over there, not to act like some 60’s Goodwill refuge who listens to Ben Harper/Phish on the side.

What about Jamaican beer? The common one, Red Stripe, is overrated and tangy. It does have cool packaging.

Stoner culture and the legalization of weed in California and other states has resulted in a brain-dead popularity of Jamaican culture by the American masses, who are stuck in a romanticized but boring era of Bob Marley. This beer is something I buy while stoned and sick of the other brands there (which rule) such as Holland’s Grolsch (lager). I have been to the Grolsch brewery in Holland by the way.

Jamaican Ale is advertised as a red. But its actually bitter and full , deep hops like an IPA. Hints of pinecone permeate the palate. Chocolate malts perhaps too. For a red drink Murphey’s or Killians Irish brands. Look for Aussie or S. African girls on vacation at that pub of you are in foreign lands and be aggressive.

Pale Ales are also sometimes mis-advertised.  Sierra Nevada is not a Pale Ale, it is too bitter. Bass is a true Pale Ale.

Would I recommend this beer Jamaican Ale? Yes, but as a stout or an IPA – not a ‘red’.