Dawnbreaker Ushers in the Next Crusade

The Knights Templar were a group of knights who accompanied early Christian Pilgrims on there route to the Holy Land. Muslims at the time were slaughtering the Pilgrims. This was the actual cause of the Crusades, which was sparked over access to the Holy Land. The Knights were connected to the Masons. The Masons held the secrets of stonework, and they built the very churches the knights prayed in. Most of the Founding Fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were Masons. Much of US history runs parallel to the history of Jerusalem. Our forefathers were mindful of this and sought God’s protection, as America was the only nation with rights from God in it’s Constitution. This is partly why America has been so successful. If you want to read a book which will explain how America is connected to God through divine prophecy, this is a must read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Harbinger_(novel)

But let’s talk music instead.

Now a black metal band has emerged which promises to safely guide metal away from its pathetic current shoe-gazing state, and lead it back into righteousness and excellence. Dawnbreaker has just recently come out with their new album. It is one of the best black metal releases in the past ten years, and I would highly recommend it to any metal enthusiast. The songs have a very nice chamber like quality to them, as if recorded in a big dark cathedral. There are lots of synchopated umpchet beats, with a lot of energy. I prefer that to blast beats greatly. Low diabolical male choir sounds accompany gritty, well thought out riffs. There is good play interaction between the harmonies and the melodies, which keep the rather simple chord patterns. They overlap and weave around each other, intersecting at dimensions which add nuance. Compositionally speaking, the songs are very solid and memorable. I recommend that you give this album a listen, and consider buying it. If I had to pin down a band or two to reference this to I would suggest early Enslaved, crossed with Jerry Goldsmith’s The Omen film score: