Fire Stomper Now

I don’t know how many Oakland A’s fans are reading this article but this suffering A’s fan has seen just about enough. From hitting to relief pitching to mascots, this team is now decidedly second- rate. However, what really annoys me is our horrendous defense and continual inability to manufacture runs. Because of this, I believe manager Bob Melvin should be fired and replaced with Atlanta Braves 3rd base coach Ron Washington.

I know that many people blame General Manager Billy Beane for trading Josh Donaldson, Yoenis Cespedes, and Brandon Moss two years ago after three successful seasons. But even then, the Athletics couldn’t play defense or manufacture runs. Now that the team isn’t nearly as stacked with talent, their deficiencies have become far more glaring. A new manager and a changed emphasis on getting the basics right could do wonders for this team. Ron Washington is an obvious choice to replace Melvin because he has coached the team effectively in the past and went to the World Series twice as the manager of the Texas Rangers.

Another thing that has to happen is that the mascot Stomper has to go, but that’s another article. For now, here’s hoping it’s bye-bye Bob Melvin, hello Ron Washington! A’s fans should unite with this urgent demand. We deserve a winning team!