Trump’s Is Bigger

Last year I penned an article prior to the Trump win, in which I posited that Trump would win the election because America had been neutered by PC policies, and wanted its balls back en masse. Since winning, Trump has shown time and time again that there will be no Obama/Iran styled appeasement. It is very ironic that at the same time the film “The Darkest Hour” about Winston Churchill was released, that we are faced with a similar junction in history in facing a crucial decision. Trump, like Churchill, takes the bully head on and will not back down. And why should we?

NK is a starving nation, running low on fuel and moral, with diesel based subs which are antiquated, as well as easily detectable. US forces based in Japan, Guam, and SK are the real vulnerability. But the US has set up missile defense systems (thanks to Raytheon) to protect those areas. NK is only the size of West Virginia and only has like 30 million people or something (if I remember correctly).

I believe that war between the US, Japan, and NK is inevitable. US will pulverize and defeat NK very quickly this time, since the North has been cut off from modern supplies and replacement parts the last 50 years. Though NK’s radar and ICBM capability has shown marked improvement in the last 5 years, they are still no match for US radar, missile defense, airpower, and general weaponry.  US will take out NK launch sites. Seoul will get shelled a bit, however it will not be anything major. NK will probably try and test launch ICBM from a sub sometime, however their diesel subs are no match for our subs. Theirs are like sitting ducks. Trump has the right approach to NK. He is going to kick their ass.

Kim is a spook who was trained in Bern, Switzerland and is begging to have his country invaded. Two weeks ago one of the defectors from NK was found to have had anthrax antibodies in him. NK leader Kim was also recently filmed admiring large anthrax tankers he is said to hope to load onto missiles. The most ironic thing about the whole situation is that Kim is actually trying really hard to prompt an invasion of his own country, not unlike how Castro used the Cuban Missile Crisis and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion to bolster his grip on power at home.