Young People “Follow”

A Wikileaks transcript released today shows that Hilary Clinton’s confidants think young people are fucking stupid “followers” – whose opinions are formed by “following” cool people. They are right!!!

“I hate to generalize a generation but by social media nature, they “follow”. So if someone they identify as cool endorses – they will likely fall in line with that candidate.”

Wikileaks Email: Hillary Campaign Struggles to Reach “F**king Dumb” Young People

I commend Hilary on this point! She has finally said something truthful. Kudos!!! Sorry millenials, but you have failed to produce on single great band or half-way decent political movement. I blame you for putting bland two chord modern rock with a ball-less singer on the radio at my gym. I blame you for Katie Perry and Taylor Swift still being taken seriously as artists. I blame you for BLM, which is ignorant, and resulted in burning cities and dead cops. I blame you for the terrible styles I must sift through at this discount clothing store – stuff that looks like its left over from a Southwestern gay rodeo. I blame you for all the sizes of all the clothing being two sizes tighter than it was for every other generation – because your generation wants to be little girly men with no muscles (and really tight clothes on like skinny jeans). I blame you for having helped make my Subaru station wagon to be seen as a “gay lifestyle car” – when it was red meat and potato eating A-hole conservatives like me (plus rally -car enthusiasts) who drove them in the past. I blame you for turning sports into a PC bastion. For watching too many crappy CGI movies, and for watching too much PG-13 commercial crap. For downloading everything for free and killing the music industry. For spending all your money on beer at shows, instead of supporting the band. For flooding every online dating site with 10 men to every one woman, because you are too wimpy to hit on them in public. For flooding the internet with gay personal ads. For letting women walk all over you as a generation, and kissing their asses while they enslave you. For favoring a treasonous liar over an American patriot who is sacrificing his own well being for the good of the nation – rather than vice-versa… I blame you for necessitating discussions about bathrooms and national anthems WHILE THE WORLD IS AWASH IN MASS WARFARE, HUBRIS, AND CALAMITY!!!

Most of you have left it to your elders to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The few of you who have shunned social media and shunned liberalism are to be commended also.