Dems Tank Dacca

Democrats on the Hill tanked the Dream Act Bill this week. They had promised to work towards drafting a bill which would legalize the children of illegals. This was a campaign promise by the Dems, based on one of their major voting constituencies. However, when push came to shove, and Trump was finally willing to sign DACCA, the Dems created a red herring diversion, by reigniting debate over whether “Trump is a racist”, by creating dubious press leaks regarding what was said behind closed doors in a bipartisan meeting.

What emerges is a weird situation in which Trump is once again championing the little guy against the establishment and Big Brother. By showing mercy towards the Dreamers, Trump is exposing that the left eats its own. That the left does not actually want Dreamers to be legalized, but chooses rather to hold them hostage, in order to use them as a voting block is apparent. Why else would they promise so much, and then do so little? Meanwhile they perpetually profit from this issue.

Trump may ironically take this issue off the table for them by issuing some form of executive order (reprehensible to many people on his own side). By taking away Dem. issues, Trump strategically exposes how left wing rage is manufactured by the government media complex. Shows on MSNBC demonstrate that their hosts have no regard for the Dreamers themselves, but only seek political gain by grossly exploiting the very people they purport to help.

The New Front

Leftist militants are taking up arms while letting it be known that they plan to sabotage US pipelines. Guerilla warfare is the plan, they say:

In honor of the controversy surrounding the Keystone Pipeline and the plans of environmental activists to use guerrilla warfare tactics to stop building of the pipeline, we here at groin are proposing a remake of the 1994 Steven Seagal classic “On Deadly Ground.” That film, you may recall, starred Seagal as a half-Native American environmental activist who uses martial arts, guns, and other guerilla warfare tactics to bring Michael Caine and his drilling company in Alaska to their knees. Joan Chen is the love interest,It is notable as possibly the only action film where the villain meets a gruesome death without actually having killed anyone! Another thing I enjoyed about that film was the sheer hypocrisy of the film itself, in terms of the non-stop large scale explosions throughout the film.

For the remake, we will feature crazed leftist radical Shia LaBeouf and, even better, Danny Trejo as the protagonists who will stop either Jon Voight, and, even better, a CGI Charlton Heston. We will hire Oliver Stone to direct and Jessica Alba or Lucy Lui will be the love interest. Look for a special cameo by Quentin Tarantino who will be killed by Jon Voight/CGI Charlton Heston. We will feature techno covers of Basil Poledouris’s classic score and Steven Seagal will have a special cameo as Guido, a irate restaurant owner. This will be way better than that “Fast and the Furious” junk! –CoolAC

Three Year Colleges

Groin has some very simple and practical solutions which will help the world recover from collapse. The first of which, is simply that college should be shortened from four years to three years. I know this may sound ridiculous too you, but the reality is that this is common sense.

There are many reasons. Lets start with the fact that you wake up every day and turn on the TV only to see disillusioned youth protesting and disrupting to the point of being de-facto quasi- rioting, not unlike in the film Cosmopolis. You see it today in America with the ‘Not My President’ protests nationwide (centered in DC and NY). If Trump is ‘Not Their President” – then maybe they should understand that it is ‘Not Their Holiday’ – and get their leftist heinies back to school/work. The real reason they are rioting is because they buy into the enslaving idea that they must indebt themselves greatly to the state in order for a superfluous leftist 4 year education. It is a road to nowhere.

‘Youth’ protests are a new worldwide phenom. That all started with the Arab Spring in Egpyt, and spread to the slums of France/London, and now we see it here in the states. When I went to UC Davis the Muslim Brotherhood came to the lunch quad with flags supporting Palestinian suicide bombers on a regular basis, whenever some shrapnel bomb would go off in Israel.

I had to take about 60 course to graduate from the UC ( I graduated in 2003). That is way to many courses. When you break down the four years of college you see that two years roughly are spent in the major and two years in the general ed./minor. Common sense dictates that students should have received sufficient general education in high school , and that much of general ed. in college is redundant, and results in more student debt. Student debts account for a large percentage of national GDP and pose a threat to economic stability for the nation – due to failed reimbursements. Another thing is that semesters take forever compared to the quarter system , almost as if the semester system was designed for vacations and protests.

Furthermore, colleges serve as indoctrination centers for leftist thought, they fail protect free speech for conservatives, and force the community to pay for controversial radical views to be propagated – views which the citizenry often do not agree with, by en large.

Savings from college being shortened to 3 years could be used to reduce the national and state debts, pay for other services (such as homeless shelters or mental health institutions – which could be handy for leftist students at a later date) help students focus on their major, help students save $, have students get 25% less exposure to leftist indoctrination, and last but not least – give less time overall for students to be loitering around campus (protesting). Idle hands are the devil’s playground. Let’s push them out into the real world so they can leave the ivory tower at an earlier date!

Sun Also Rises Still Relevant


Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises includes striking parallels between the post WWI and todays era. Strikingly similar are the facts that the cast of characters (and society at large) were living indebted beyond their means, and that they spent the bulk of their time socializing and seeking entertainment.

The main characters include Kohn. Kohn  is a washed-up boxer. Then you also have an oversensitive, over-educated, tag-a-long Jewish guy. Plus a hedonistic, and impulsive Lady Brett. They travel through Europe, watching bullfights, and running up massive bar tabs. They are constantly ordering room service for more alcohol. Wine, champagne , and truffles abound. The characters are expatriates and are moral-less. They live for tragedy, whether it is in their own lives, or for the tragic tension of the bullfight ( or even fishing).

The saving grace of the book is its only moral character. The bullfighter stands for principles and bravery, and has the love of his people as a result. He gets in a love triangle with the other characters. It doesn’t have a happy ending for him. Though he does everything right, he ends up bloodied, battered, and abused. That is meant to show that in that age hedonism ultimately won out over love and morality. That’s another thing that makes it similar to today’s circumstances.

The bullfighter in this story is like Trump and his supporters. I also give some credit to the Green Party and Libertarians for at least having principles. They are brave, united, and stand for what is right – even when its not so easy to do so. In the end they are abandoned by less principled characters, who stick their fingers in the wind – to see what is the easiest way out. –Steve