The State of Horror Magazines

Ever since childhood friends in Virginia introduced me to R-rated horror films (in 1986 when I was 10), I have been a true horror Fanatic. From the age of 12 onward, I would see every horror film and read every Fangoria magazine I could get my hands on. I learned so much about how these films are made and what new films were being released!

Cinemafantastique is another one I loved that stopped putting out issues in 2006. They had great horror, science fiction, and fantasy reviews! Now that Fangoria Magazine has bit the dust (as a print magazine at least), where should the horror fan go to learn about cool horror films (new and old)?

I have been checking out Dark Side Magazine, Phantom of The Movies Videoscope, and Horror Hound. Dark Side Magazine is an imported British magazine which suggests that the Brits are greater horror fanatics than American audiences. They seem to cover every movie under the sun and do an excellent job.

However, my favorite is Phantom of The Movies Videoscope, which I have been reading off and on since 1995 and which has the best interviews, commentary, and video reviews. It’s quarterly and $6.95 in the U.S, I often pick up Horror Hound but I’m not as impressed with it because the covers make it seem like there is more actual content than there actually is. So Dark Side Magazine and Phantom of the Movies Videoscope rule, while “Horror Hound” does not! Happy horror reading!