Rogers Waters Comeback

25 years after the epic but overly rigorous “Amused to Death,” Roger Waters, former head of Pink Floyd, gives us by far his best solo album, “Is this the Life We Really Want?” It takes the expected potshots at Trump and American politics, but it also rocks in a way that nothing Waters has done since “Pink Floyd The Wall” has approached. He also sings better on this album than on any previous solo effort. As a result, the album is less political than emotional.

Waters is not afraid to pay homage to past songs, with “Broken Bones” sounding like “Sheep” and “Smell the Roses” sounding like “Have a Cigar,” but the intensity with which he sings these songs and the force of his lyrics (as well as the melodious nature if the songs) makes this some of his best work. Based on this album, I would say his new “Us and Them” solo tour is a must-catch.

This album reminds us that an artist can make a political statement and still make a beautiful, heartfelt and rocking album. This album is a must-purchase for fans of Pink Floyd and rock music in general. Don’t miss it!