Hollwood Lacking Boobs

Note: I was going to put tits pic in this article but I get nothing but shit from people hence this will be my last post

An actress is saying large breasted women are not landing acting roles in Hollywood anymore: http://people.com/bodies/emily-ratajkowski-breasts-keep-her-from-getting-work/

I saw a film called ‘Rough Night’ last week with four female stars at a wild bachelorette party, and there were sex innuendo jokes through the whole film, but no tits. Demi Moore was in the film in a cameo and she remained clothed too. America’s bipolar Puritanical streak results to where everyone makes sex innuendos, but skin is increasingly hidden like a Middle East regime. No wonder all of the sexual repression in America these days results in a battle of the sexes, as well as lots of anger throughout society of the sexually oppressed. Personally, I fight back by having sex upwards three times a day with my girlfriend when possible. My gf has an amazing body.