Stormy Daniels = Extortion Artist

Stormy Daniels. the porn star who won’t shut up about having banged Trump, is trying to extort the president through the media. If a man did what Stormy is doing to Trump, people would be calling the behavior creepy and extortionist. There is no law against banging porn stars, or against paying them in a signed agreement to shut the hell up about it. What Stormy is doing by having taken the $ to be silent, but then spilling her guts, amounts to her trying to extort the president, and blackmail him. Her slimeball lawyer goes on every leftist news show daily. Today he offered a photo of a cd (data disc probably), which perhaps Trump filmed the affair on.

Stormy is one step away from being like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Personally I feel Stormy should be arrested on blackmail, racketeering, and extortion, along with her lawyer. They should do time in the federal penitentiary. Trump should also sue CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC for racketeering, extortion, and blackmail.

The left is using consensual sex as a scarlet letter combined with a witch-hunt. Last time I checked it was still legal for two consenting adults to have sex. Apparently, leftists think its fine for gays to have sex, for people to have sex with animals, for Bill Clinton to rape Kathleen Wiley among others, and for Bill to hang out with Jeffery Epstein on pedo island, but somehow its not ok for Trump to have a private sex life. Well, I have news for them – the Constitution guarantees a right to privacy, which covers Trump in the Stormy case. The truth is the left is jealous because Trump is banging all the hot chicks, and leaving dog-meat like Hillary for the leftist to bang. The left is just jealous of Trump, and that is the root of all their insecure attacks against him.

Personally, I commend the president on banging lots of models and porn stars. America has wanted its balls back for 8 years since that Kenyan coke using homosexual Obama and his transsexual wife ‘Michelle – or Michael, (depending on who you talk to) was in office. With Trump, America has its balls back, and is using them not only to stand up to tyrants like China and North Korea, but also to put those balls to use banging the finest broads that America has to offer.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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