Re: Immigration Controversy

Today Mrs. Trump wore a Jacket which said’ I do not care, do U?’ on the back, while getting off Air Force One. People are bewildered why she would wear that jacket on the same day she is touring immigration detention centers. Mrs. Trump is simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the media and the left, who never do anything to help actually solve the immigration problem, since they simply want to flood the country with illegals. USA is currently apprehending roughly 600k illegal border crossers (annually). Those who are coming for jobs could already have obtained a work permit for agriculture. Instead, many are choosing to come here for the welfare magnet. In the old days, when Italians and Irish flooded in through Ellis Island, there was not a large welfare state. The churches were where food for the poor was obtained (through charity). Today, we see too many illegals entering and taking valuable entry level jobs, as well as putting many municipalities in the red (when combined with rising public pension costs).

Americans are not mean spirited. We legally admit more immigrants LEGALLY than most of the other nations on earth combined. The problem is that the left is playing a shell game of pretending they want security and borders, meanwhile they make every action they do just the opposite. They play propaganda of little children of detained illegal immigrants crying in detention centers on prime time news for minutes on end, which is nothing short of a psychological brainwashing technique. Many Americans are having their welfare reduced, or seeing their job prospects reduced, or conversely are being taxed to death to fund a jail system full of many violent criminals and drug dealers, many of whom are illegals , and do not belong in the country.

On the one hand, we need to appreciate the hard work and American patriotism that many people who originated from Mexico show. And there is a lot of common history between US , Mexico, and Spain. And it is true that in agriculture and other areas , a lot of immigration is needed. But on the other hand, there is too much illegal entry. There is too much drug use in the Latino community, along with gang violence, which needs to be reduced. Overall, we need to increase the number of legal farm workers coming in , to more rural communities which need them. And we need less illegals coming in for welfare with kids , who often illegally claim asylum.

The other issue which will have to be addressed are the number of Visas issued to Mexico by the US. The majority of illegals come in legally and overstay their Visas. I feel the number of visas issues should be greatly curtailed. Finally, there is the issue of the dreamers, which is an especially tough issue. From what I have seen firsthand, it seems like most of the Dreamers are able to obtain permanent resident status anyways, which sidesteps the issue.

The MSM has done an amazing job of trying to appear to be non-partisan on the immigration issue over the years. Trump has done something brilliant , along with his wife. He has trolled the media on immigration . The result is that the media has now shown its true colors as being radically pro open-borders and pro-illegal immigration. This is a WIN for Trump.

Trump has started to drain the swamp. Next he has started to take on the immigration issue. Finally , I predict he will soon take on the Amazon and FANG monopolies. I am keeping an eye on the NK situation as well. But I think the real fireworks will be in Syria, and Trump may eventually have had it with ‘animal’ Assad,

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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