Raw Force is the Answer

Think you’ve seen it all? You haven’t seen “Raw Force.” The first, and the only, kung-fu cannibal zombie sexploitation picture, this film makes other schlock offerings look timid by comparison. This 1981 masterpiece is about a cruise of horny men and women skilled in kung fu to a cannibal zombie island, It’s “The Love Boat” in hell. This film has more nudity, more kung fu, and more zombies than you can shake a stick at. The cast includes the legendary Cameron Mitchell (from the original “Toolbox Murders” and “Deadly Prey”) and the nude Camille Keaton (from the original “I Spit on Your Grave”). This movie works due to its mixture of ridiculous moments with schlocky enthusiasm.

The director. Edward D. Murphy, only wrote and directed one other film but did go on to act in “Three Men and a Baby” and “Goodfellas.” The film is available in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with extras that include interviews with the filmmakers. I advise all fans of sexy and schlocky films to pick this up without delay!

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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