Not Digging ‘The Mist’ TV Show

I dunno, a TV series of Stephen King’s “The Mist” ran 10 episodes on SPIKE last summer before quietly being cancelled. It was a great story and a surprisingly good movie. What happened? I’ll tell you what happened: bad acting and bad writing. Before the mist even kills its first victim, we get stuck with a politically correct date rape subplot. Long gone are the days where women got raped by trees in Evil Dead, any sympathy or interest we have in the show nearly dies right away because we want to see MONSTERS IN THE MIST, not politically correct date rape crap! The actors in the show are terrible as well, and I’ve never heard of any of them. I guess the issue is that they look twerpy and wimpy, having lived in an upper-class neighborhood, while having a generic image.

And here at Groin, we don’t care about your ‘teen party’ crap.

Unfortunately, not a trace of Stephen King’s skill writing characters made it onto this show, probably because they “re-imagined” the story instead of using King’s. The only thing decent about the show is the directing, as there is atmosphere in the mist and a few gory deaths. It’s a hard R show at least. But in the end, after watching the pilot on Netflix, this seemingly intriguing new show is a big dud. It doesn’t work and it’s not necessary. Memo to writers: more horror, less PC teen crap. Definitely skip this new “Mist.”

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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