Netflix Hires Obama – Unbelievable!

The Obama-nistas have inked a deal that will let Obama help Netflix with original programming. This obviously sucks, and a backlash has started. After 8 years overlooking Netflix’s monopoly tactics, now its time for the Obamas to be repaid for their bribery. Please allow me to suggest some show concepts which I think the Obamas would do really well with.

A reality show about Michelle’s life as a Tranny I assume would be a big hit with the younger generation, who remain confused, to say the least. 50 Shades of Tranny. Or Real House-Trannies of Washington D.C. Or they could do a Tyler Perry Momma’s House type thing , but with Michael, um I meant Michelle. Or they could have Wheel of Gay Fortune. How to be a Commie Spy. How to be Raised in Indonesia, but not admit it. Hawaii Guy-O. I can think of a lot of big hits. Maybe Gay Empire could work. Tranny boxing. Gay Ink Shop. “I ran. I ran. Iran.” Has a good ring to it. How about ‘My Life as a Closet Muslim’. Or A ‘Sunny Day in Tropico.’

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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