GGF Picks : 8/31

Race 1:
Horse 3 Booze Cruise to place.
Horse 5 Fans on the run to win.

Race 2:
Horse 5 Get er Done for the win.

Race 3:
Horse 3 Lacey’s Rainbow for the win.

Race 4:
Horse 6 Secret Agent Girl, place and show bet.
Horse 5 Esperanza’s Mobile wins.

Race 5:
Horse 5 One Tough Minister to place.

Race 6:
Horse 6 Aloha Spirit win/place/show bet

Race 7:
Horse 5 Ted Oliver (my favorite horse in the world) for the win. Win/place to be on the safer side of the bet.

Update: Aside from a scratched horse or two, I nailed about two thirds of these picks this time, at pretty long odds on many. Am going to be cashing in some big payouts!     



Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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