Escape From SF

No this is not a John Carpenter / Kurt Russel sequel. A new poll shows that over half the residents of the SF Bay Area wish to leave, in a mass exodus, due to high rents and housing prices, combined with homeless blight and other factors. High taxes are yet another reason.

The median house price is 800k there, by the way. Some people claim to like their property values increasing, but in reality the government will eat up most of your profits by taxing you to death through property taxes. Yet we have some of the worst performing schools.

I moved all around San Jose over the years, including living right near Apple HQ in Cupertino when I was younger. When I left I could not stand:

-The loud fireworks every night. Some of which were landing, smoldering on my roof. An ex firefighter and myself organized a campaign to put liability and fines on homeowners who light them off.

-The traffic was ridiculous. The whole city became a big, overcrowded parking lot. It became hard just to run errands.

-People were getting run over and stabbed at places such as the grocery store I shopped at (produce section), bloody pool from stabbing en frente de taqueria I used to eat at, fruit vender with many kids run over and killed by drunk driver at the gas station I went to the most.

-Loud oompa music at all hours from multiple parties as a ‘normal thing’. It could not be drowned out even with earplugs. Some parties had the ‘grandpa’ dancing with a tequila bottle on top of his shed, while a wild party raged below him. These were the super Christian people too, by the way. Sometimes there would be a block party and a full on oompa live band would be brought over , complete with the crowd chanting ‘ ei ei ei ei!!! at top volume.

– There were really bad potholes and tons of homeless people everywhere. Nobody watered any plants due to the drought , so everything died and heat collected. The area became ugly.

-Also, you had Trump supporters getting beat up at Trump rallies, and people in the Bay Area hate Trump so much, I know people who more or less get fired for supporting Trump. Socially, people felt the need to berate me over how I planned to vote.

These are just some of the reasons people are moving from the Bay Area in a mass exodus.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!