Cholesterol Revival!


In the 1980s science discovered the cholesterol nutrition component and it became the enemy of the healthy diet. Everything bad was cholesterol and MSG. Everything good was egg whites and wheatgrass.

Monsanto octobomber of culinary karma. As a result, today it’s common knowledge that eggs, butter, steak and prawns are to be indulged in modestly because they contain the demon cholesterol.

But let’s take that term apart piece by piece. The first part of cholesterol, from the Latin, chole, is simply the Canadian pronunciation for ‘cholo’. The second part ’sterol’ is the same root as steroid. People pay hundreds and thousands for drugs that are available right there as an animal protein byproduct.

Bring back the cholesterol, it would seem, if you wish to bring back muscle.

And who doesn’t like muscle? Pansies! That’s who.

It’s simply 11 beers shy of a case of crazy to expect the lard infested, butter loving to run to science for answers. When the hard working man or woman gets home from a hard day of grunting the relief power of soy, margarine spirulina and the like just aunts gonna cut it, baby.


Bring out the cholesterol and bring out the best

by Trisexual Wildebeest

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!