Bjork’s Utopia is Good but Elitist

Bjork has always been bit of a mystery, particularly how her
albums vary in tone, sound, and purpose. “Vaspertine,” for example,
with its ethereal experimentation, sounds nothing like my favorite
album of hers, “Post,” which was more accessible and rousing. After a
couple of albums that I didn’t like and (in one case) even returned,
she’s back with a new album called “Utopia” that sounds like a better
version of “Vaspertine.” The album is sung well and sounds both lovely
and exotic. The most interesting thing about it is the use of exotic
instruments such as the harp, horns, and (for the first time on a
Bjork album) the flute.

After some previous albums which were too experimental and dour,
“Utopia” sounds great and is highly recommended to play
to your girlfriend so you can show her how sensitive you are
and get nookie. Why did it peak at number 75 on the Billboard charts?
I have a couple of theories. Firstly, maybe there needs to be some
more danceable tracks to help the album sound better to Joe and Jane
Q. Stoner. Maybe Bjork is too old to appeal to the youth market,
which prefers garbage like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. And finally,
I have always felt that quitting acting was a huge mistake on Bjork’s
part. She gave one of the best performances of all time in “Dancer in
the Dark” but hasn’t acted since. In any case, if you are a Bjork
fan or if you like avant-garde music, I highly recommend “Utopia,” a
damn fine album that is a commercial failure but an artistic success.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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