Bad Santa 2 is Raucous Fun



Hey, guys, this one’s for you: Tired of movies about yuppies, families, and placating women? Want to see a movie by real men? A film about the things we really care about, like drinking and screwing? Then let me introduce you to “Bad Santa 2,” a welcome blast of relief from nauseating films like Disney’s “Moana.”

This film brings back 3 of the key original characters from “Bad Santa,” namely the con man Santa with the drinking and sex addiction problem (Billy Bob Thornton), the funny but nasty and mean dwarf (Tony Cox), and the fat kid, now grown up, who grabs onto Thornton like a leech (Brett Kelly). Added to the cast is Kathy Bates, as Thornton’s white trash mother, who makes Thornton seem well-adjusted by comparison. This movie works for two reasons: 1. It is in such bad taste that it is in a class by itself; ordinary standards of decency do not apply to this film. 2. Billy Bob Thornton is one of the greatest comedic actors of all time. Whether dealing with unruly, urinating children or Santa pedophiles, he is always ready with an extremely cunning quip. This film is getting bad reviews, but I liked it for the politically incorrect Christmas farce that it is and I highly recommend it to those sick of sappy Hollywood yawners. It puts the “ho” back in “ho, ho, ho.” –CoolAC

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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